Why do some people post their life story on here?


Answer #1

Many reasons. Perhaps they just like sharing, or they feel proud of it, or maybe they would like empathy from others over their hardships, perhaps they want advice or insight from members.

Answer #2

Janicee sums it up really, for some people it’s good to be able to hear similar experiences from other members. It’s good to have encouragement from other people, or praise, for some people a simple well done from someone else means a lot, as does getting sympathy. For some people sharing is a way to just get things off their chest, and sites like this provide a good medium for doing so.

Answer #3

personally i use to be a secretive kind of person, the internet is my best friend,(thats how i discovered this site) so… i use to find it easier talking to people i dont know, or people i may never meet than to real people, you know, people that are close to me and stuffs. i guess the kind of feel their secrets are safe here… but thank God am alot open now

Answer #4

I share my life experiences and what I have been through or pieces of my current life when it pertains to the question being asked. I know that personally, when i ask advice, its always better to get advice from someone who has been through that situation and can truly empathize and understand.

For example - when it comes to a parenting or pregnancy question, i would much rather hear and trust advice for a parent/pregnant woman over a 13 year old boy or girl who has never been through either.

I share my struggle with my past d.rug abuse and addiction with users on this site in hopes that they will feel i can understand what they are going through and will atleast consider my advice or feel they are not alone.

Answer #5

Maybe because they have no one else to share with at home.

Answer #6

I agree with mandyloo, We share our stories to try to help those that are in need of guidance & struggles. I can speak for myself & say that if I was able to show some form of compassion to at least 1 person on here, for me it is a blessing…If I can help someone that is going through a rough day & needs someone to vent to or is lost confused or full of anxiety & I was able to comfort them or allow them to read my lifes experience & see that that person isnt alone & that you can live through any obstacle no matter how hard or hopeless it may seem to be…then that is a life saved!
Not everyone will agree with what I say but those that truly understand what I mean will know that I speak from the heart to help & guide because once upon a time I was there…and had no one to talk to…no one to guide me…no one to explain to me & I had to go through all the pain alone, something I dont wish on anyone…so for me knowing I did help someone, is another blessing. If I can help someone, anyone with even the slightest issue…that is more then I can ask for…God Bless.

Answer #7

it helps me get out the feelings i hav about my pass and possibly my future with people i trust but dont kno personally. i like that. i dont like telling my personal life to the people i actually kno.

Answer #8

Or perhaps they have no life and the only ones that will listen to them bitch and moan are other people with no lifes also

Answer #9
  1. Having someone to tell stuff to.
  2. They like attention.
  3. They like to talk, or type in this case.
  4. They have a actually good story that fits what your talking about.
  5. Opens you up alot i think.
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