Why do people believe piracy is destroying multimedia?

Why is it most people believe piracy is destroying the various multimedia industries when the fact is they are pulling in more revenue than before, billions of dollars flowing into them even though piracy is at an all time high? what do you think about piracy?

oh and if your answer is: its hurting the artist, dont bother, they already got paid before the movie/tv show got aired/ screened and anyway pop stars win from concerts so….

Answer #1

Because the multimedia world is losing money. For every movie or CD that is copied, they lose the value of one that would have been bought in a store or online.

Answer #2

did you even read the question?

Answer #3

actually you are wrong with the artists…no one knows how the contracts are done with artists (music artists that is) and newer artists/bands have contracts that are heavily sided to the band with the album sales. so illegally getting their music hurts the artist, artists cant continue to write music and all when they are not making a dime off of album sales. record company’s know its hard to stop so they stopped taking the brunt of the illegal downloading, and the brunt is now put on the artist/band. alot of new artist cant make it past their 1st album because they barely if anything made anything off their 1st if people didnt buy it legally.

Answer #4

also, if there wasnt piracy with ripping the multimedia off, things with multimedia would be cheaper.

Answer #5

on my phone, i can only see the initial question. not what you write after. sorry :(

Answer #6

proven fact more than 75% of a singers income is from live performances ;) i was talking about the industry as a whole,

good argument though ;)

Answer #7

well that is true for well established bands, for new comers tho, their income mainly comes from album sales, because they are lowest

Answer #8

It does not matter how much or how little you own, if I think you have too much already that never gives me the right to steal your property. . Making copies of other people’s work, whether that is software, music, films, or any other copyright material is quite simply theft. Nothing more, nothing less. . When you “purchase” such material you only purchase a licence to use it within the terms of the licence - and that does not include making copies to sell or make available to other people to use, outside the limits of the licence, without paying the copyright owner. . Making the originals normally takes a lot of money, time and effort in talent, training, production and marketing and very often materials are being ripped off by copyright thieves before the original producers are anywhere near recouping their production costs let alone starting to make a profit to live on. . If you cannot understand and appreciate that, then I hope you get your wages stolen month after month before you get any chance to spend it - by some bone-idle thief who thinks that they have more right to what you worked so hard for. .

– Majikthise.

Answer #9

Musicians have always made a living of music. For centuries, for millennia, people have played music and were rewarded with money, gifts or food. They still can do that. The thrill and atmosphere of a live show will never fit on a record. MP3-Pirates will still pay to see a live music show.

Musical records have been a bargain for a short time only. Sometime in the 1920s the gramophone became popular. It remained until the 1970. Then it was overthrown by tapes. These could be easily copied at home. After that came the digital records, feasible to copy without loss of quality. And that was, basically, the end of the short bargain period. The Internet gave it the final blow.

Musicians still make a living of live music. And I think they always will.

Answer #10


also ever heard of publicity leaks? of course you havent ;)

Answer #11

“Industry” is always the result of somebody’s hard work and investment. It does not magically appear out of thin air. They are numbered among the people who deserve the rewards that they have worked so hard for. They don’t deserve to be ripped off by copyright thieves just because you think they get too much money already.

Answer #12

The concept of immaterial property is weird. I mean, you’re not really stealing if you copy, because you do not take something away from somebody. May I introduce to you, as a contrast, the concept of robber-knight-laws? My country has got a general charge on every empty CD, every hard disk, every tape and every other volume. This charge is paid to the musicians association and it is meant to balance the loss of bargain due to private copies. They use it to assist young artists and do other stuff generally in favor of artists.This fee was introduced in the 1970s, when people started copying audio tapes. After audio media went digital, there was a law saying that copying is illegal again. But the fee still exists. Also on digital media. :-(

Answer #13

you talk so confidently about the companies being ripped off when you clearly dont seem to know that the people are being ripped off with generic and bland music that sounds exactly the same :O

listened to the latest hits yet? most are just boom boom, gibbersih boom boom boom gibberish boom boom….yes its worth the 20 bucks to buy a CD where i listen to only one track… its even better to buy on iTunes where the artists clearly get no compensation (google it, iits true)

Answer #14

its illegal obvioulsy, and for good reason. it doesnt matter how much money they earnt from what they did, its wrong for other people to sell illagal copies and keep the profits. eventually it probably will destroy multimedia. when enough people get sick of buying a cd and just download it illegally or dont want to pay $30 for a movie they’ll just get a $2 copy from bali or soemthing, the indusstry wont be making money, other people will. imagine if you created soemthing, say you made a small film that you got paid for. now imagine instead of people buying YOUR merchandise (cds/movies, ect) of it, there out buying the exact same thing that someone else has illagally copied from you for cheaper, and there making the profits…sound fair? no. what the artist makes is their property. and they have the right to sell it as they wish. when soemone else copies what they do illegally and makes profits from soemthing they did NOT create, those people need to go to jail or get a very big fine. unfortunantly though piracy will always exist.because the amount of money for the real thing can be expensive soemtimes and people will always be lazy and want soemthing for next to nothing

Answer #15

@rotten_sheep_of_evil - the “… concept of immaterial property is weird …” is it ? ….. So if I agree to employ you for 2000 hours to build a house for me using my materials and then refuse to pay you anything for doing it, ….. that is OK is it - because you gave me no material property and therefore I owe you no material property in the form of money.

You seem to think that if I spend a year writing a book and then market it, you and everybody else should be able to get rich quick by doing nothing other than copying my work and selling it (if you so wish) or just using it for your own entertainment without paying a penny for my hard work. ….. I wonder how would you like it being ripped off by idle leeches who deprive you of your rightful income for creating original work. ….. If you don’t want to pay for access so someone else’s intellectual property as offered under the terms of the licence, all well and good, ….. ….. but don’t think you have got a right to steal it.

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