when people look at your picture that u post on line do they treat u different?

. because i feel that when i post pic of me people start being friendly to me just because i pot a pic of me going to Maine in the summer so i took it of because i didn’t want to feel this way

Answer #1

well sadly beauty means alot to people and online people usaully act alot different than in the real world. So what i would do is post a basic picture, nothing flashy or showing off, and everything should be fine.

Answer #2

i dont show pic of me showing off . i post things in the summer like pic of me doing fun things in the summer like going to rock land Maine it wonderful over there

Answer #3

Unfortunately sometimes that does happen.. Like for example, if you have a great conversation with someone, and they haven’t seen you, then a couple days later they post a picture up, that person might not talk to them again depending on how many flaws they have on their appearance. Physical features mean a lot to some people, and don’t mean anything to other people.

Answer #4

thas what im talking about i posted a this pic and this boy emailed saying that i was hot and i got so mad because he didn’t even n=know me then i called him a pervert and he stopped talking to me for like two days . i delete the pic of going to mine and he wont talk to me , i hate when people do that to me

Answer #5

Yeah people like that are d!ckheads. Some people don’t care about others feelings, they only care about their physical features, and what’s under their clothes. That’s why I try my best to stay away from people that won’t look at me for me, and will only look at me for what’s on the outside. Some guys, and some girls just never learn, but one day the same exact thing will happen to them and they will regret every single time they made someone feel shi!tty like that.

Answer #6

He probably stopped talking to you because you called him a pervert, not because of what you looked like.

Answer #7

i told him i was sorry because i didnt know who he was on the inret people lied who they are on the web a lot . he for fof give me . he told me it was ok . he inder stood .now he wont talk to me .

do u guys know skater boy do u know if hes online or not

Answer #8

Internet is full of surprise and when people don’t see your face they just imagine on how you look and will talk to you in that way. But later when they see your real picture, they react different obviously

Answer #9

come on yaar, dont care 4 d person who havent feelings 4 u.. dont be much senti..

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