What makes people not want to be hygenic?

Like I dont understand why people want to be like that. I know PLENTY of people who say they don’t always take showers and its manly females.People think boys have the worst hygiene but I’ve never heard a guy saying about how he skips showers. i think girls are worse, especially if they are on there period, and dont wanna bathe, and they just leave there pads and tampons everywhere. I can see if you get a shower every other day, then thats fine, as long as you dont stink, i feel like most people can get away with skipping a shower or hair washing.But SKIPPING THREE SHOWERS?!!! some people say its fine because they dont stink but just because you dont stink, doesnt mean your not dirty. If you put lotion and sprays on and dont wash, your skin becomes dirty and stuff. And i know people who put old deodorant on top of new deodorant, and i think that’s kind of sick because the next time you take a shower, and go to put your deodorant on, your deodorant will be dirty. I also know some people who don’t brush there teeth allot, like on the weekends and if there not going anywhere and sometimes for school, and they think its fine as long as they have gum…. i think that’s really strange, i didn’t think people actually did that, but what makes them like that? is it laziness,do they just not care, or they don’t even realize there dirty? and to make things worse there do stuff like that, but then they always want to hang around the opposite sеx and i just find that a little weird, if i knew i was dirty/stinking i wouldn’t go anywhere near a boy actually i wouldn’t go near anyone, but especially not a boy lol

Answer #1

Lol cuz they’re lazy

Answer #2

lol you would have to ask a dirty person..the only things i can think of is there lazy,or dont care,or dont think its that big or a deal or something and then there like crazy or something cause they be thinking they smell good like bxtch NO you dont!!

Answer #3

and you have to be really lazy to not brush your teeth and then your mouth is disgusting and your gonna go and eat more food WTF!!_

Answer #4

LOL i HATE when people don’t brush there teeth, and then they wanna keep eating, its like wtf? really? that’s gonna be a bitch to gt off your breath, cuz now all the funk is just pilling up LOL, and i hate how they wanna spray perfume on there selves but they dont shower and then they think they smell good just because they sprayed some perfume LOL but to me its just putting funk on top of funk. but ya i was hoping i could get some “dirty” people to answer, cuz they aren’t even embarrassed, i know there not because they will come out and tell you , alot of my girlfriends will be like omg ya i haven’t gotten a shower in three days.

Answer #5

lol iknow like puttin more deoderant on aint gonna do nothing cause you still must!! and really? lol i guess dirty people dont care cause there in denial.Hopefully some dirty people will answer so you can get the truth.&i bet some people will answer saying some dumb shit like “oh its not good to shower often” haha bxtch please!XD

Answer #6

LOL ya ive heard people say its not good to shower too much because your skin can dry out, but there’s a difference between taking to many showers and barley takind any showers LOL and plus that what lotion and moisturizing body wash is for. it makes me so mad, especially if there spending the night at my house for more than a day and they dont shower, and then they wanna be in/on my bed LOL gross

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Answer #8

lol exactly if your skins dry well they got stuff for that!

Answer #9

Some people want to have good hair, so they dont shower so they can produce oil which makes their hair shiny and more healthy. But, that’s only some people. Most of the time people are overweight, and even if they do shower, they produce more sweat which gives them the appearence of being dirty, when they really arent! Also, some people might back really oily hair, and it appears dirty but its just genetics that causes oily hair or skin. That also can relate to puberty for some people. Also, maybe some people just dont wash themselves properly and then they dont wear deodorant or any positive hygien products. Sometimes its not that people don’t want to be hygenic, sometimes there unquestionable answers behind it or problems they don’t realize behind it. Although, there are a small percentage of people who just dont care and feel they have no one to good good for or even bother to take care of themselves due to insecurity. Everyones different.

Answer #10

im not talking about looking dirty when your not, i mean people who actually are dirty and don’t shower,and if you don’t want your hair wet,then they should use a shower cap or just not get there head under,but i mean people who just don’t wanna do it lol, i mean i can understand if you have greasy hair and cant help it, but i get everything else your saying.

Answer #11

lol i was about to say all of that!! angelinamarieXD

Answer #12

LOL thats funny

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Answer #14

Laziness, or maybe it has to do with their upbringing? Perhaps their parents never taught them good hygiene. You never know.

Answer #15

now that i think about it, that makes alot of sence, cuz like when ur little ur parents teach you hygiene and show you how to bathe/brush ur teeth and comb your hair and stuff like that, so if they were never taught they still might not know as an adult until someone tells them that they stink LOL

Answer #16

people are all different- those who do not believe in good hygiene could be the same as people that don’t take the time to spell correctly, to other people- kind of comes from the same mind set.

there are times when some people are simply allergic to most cosmetics and hygiene products- they will break out in hives if they use such products and risk having a serious reaction which could compromise their breathing and health.

if you can’t stand the way some people live these days just be glad you were not back in the roman era where they drank pee to whiten their teeth all in the name of vanity. for quite a while it was believed that bathing would cause illness.

how times have changed, and it seems humanity is becoming far too over sensitive to others appearance, i am a man- i shower daily- but when i work hard i sweat and eventually stink- simply the way nature has designed things- everything ( or everyone) stinks at some point.

Answer #17

People feel the need that they don’t have to wash, so they never feel dirty and they just simply cannot be bothered. They aren’t really phased by what other people think and so they will carry on being in a revolting state. However sometimes they just dont realise how bad they smell so they may only take a wash only once a month believing thats how often they need one

Answer #18

ya i get that everyone has there days when they aren’t smelling that good, witch is fine,but its how u go about it that matters, like if u know u stink and can smell yourself but do nothing about it, then that’s bad,if u were working and got smelly and then hopped in the shower when u got home, thats fine

Answer #19

Low self-esteem

Answer #20

that makes 0 sense if they had low self esteem would they wanna wash up and smell better and besides theres alot of people with low self esteem that have good hygeine.

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Answer #22

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