Do you people on FunAdvice like to use computers?

And how good are you with computers?

Answer #1

No. The people on this site don’t like to use computers, which is why all of us get on here with our cell phones. None of us use computers. Never. Not once. It’s sad, really.

Answer #2

I mostly use my Ipod Touch to get on Fun Advice :P

Answer #3

I’m not exaggeratingly good with computers. I only work as a systems administrator. And I totally hate my job and all computers in the world, that’s why I chose to be a systems administrator. .

Answer #4

I use the computer. Know my way around it fairly well or good enough I should say. Being on this site has improved my typing skills and increased the speed.

Answer #5

I can be pretty good with computers! It just depends on what your problem is? Virus? New hard drive? :D

Answer #6

Yup :P but my computer Is okay at the moment :P

Answer #7

Nap - no offence, but sometimes you ask the stupidest questions.

Okay … a little offence, but you walked into it.

Answer #8

I was given my first computer to do with as I pleased when I was 3. (took it apart) been using computers ever since. So.. yeah. I like to use computers :P

Answer #9

Oh Colleen…lol!!! Are you gonna yell at me in the future if instead of answering a question I make an unrelated comment? I like your comment but isn’t that what the updates section is for?

Answer #10

It depends on the question … did this one really need an answer? Considering that most of the people on FunAdvice own or use a computer, was it really necessary to ask if we like to use computers? I mean, if we didn’t like to use them, would we even be here? Come on - common sense, man … sometimes people need to be told.

Answer #11

It’s called A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked in order to make a point and without the expectation of a reply :P

Answer #12

That was not rehetorical, Nap.

Answer #13

I agree with you Colleen. I just didn’t know if we could reply to questions in the same manner as if we were in the update section or not but I can see were some members would be better helped by this approach as they very well knew the answer but asked the question anyway. I can see is more of a case by case thing and who is asking. lol! Sorry, I tend to over analyze things :/

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