Why do people favor Facebook over Twitter?

Answer #1

I honestly favour Twitter over Facebook, mainly because you can keep ‘tabs’ on idols such as musicians and it’s easier to find out when they next have gigs. I also find it’s easier to find new people on Twitter, not necessarily to meet personally but just to talk to.

However, others may prefer Facebook, you can keep in contact with people you already know, make arrangements easier and play games.

Answer #2

I favor Facebook over Twitter, First cause facebook came out first and then Twitter came out and it just seemed unless that all you really can do is uppdate when you can do that on facebook already, so I never got a Twitter. Second only a small amount of my friends have twitter. Third you can’t even find friends on twitter if you need to, cause they make up their own channel name, at least on facebook you know their whole name and can look them up. Fouth, I have my photography page and a couple other pages I run on facebook. The features that facebook has that twitter doesn’t, games.. which i rly don’t play, except for one. Tagging people, The new cover pictures you can put up. Creating events, Having different categories for friends you wanna keep tabs on. Fifth, I could care less about following musicians, actors/actresses, famous people ect… I don’t know them, I know my friends and my family and care what’s happening to them. I could care less about the drama of famous people.

Answer #3

face book has more to offer then twitter.

Answer #4

I like Facebook for the games. :D

Answer #5

i favor twitter over facebook’ no stupid comments and you can just keep twitting what ever you want. no one cares

Answer #6

i favor twitter over facebook’ no stupid comments and you can just keep twitting what ever you want. no one cares

Answer #7

I’d imagine it’s because you’re generally more connected with your friends/family on Facebook. Twitter is basically all about what you’re doing at the moment. Some people don’t like making that many statuses, or don’t want to hear about other people so much. Facebook has more features. Although, I know tons of people who are addicted to Twitter, and think Facebook is boring. I think Facebook is getting more and more unpopular, at least where I live.

Answer #8

I’ve never been on twitter but I would probably like it more because on Facebook, there was WAY too much bullying! But other than that, Facebook gives you the chance to chat to people your not with and they have fun games but I still don’t like it.

Answer #9

I favor Facebook over Twitter cause there’s more to offer, like multiplayer games, and all. There are different groups, forums, and a lot of businesses are starting to use Facebook to promote themselves. You can create events and see who’s attending the events.You can connect with people and reunite. There’s a section that says, “People you may know”. You get to see who the mutual friends are that you both know. You can share pictures, and tag people in them. It’s hard to get people to follow you on Twitter, you can’t really chat to people unless their following you as well. Facebook has great history on how it all started. Their constantly updating Facebook every year in April. There is this space above your profile picture on Facebook where you could upload a different picture that reflects your personality. It now gives you the opportunity to use two pictures on your profile that you want to show off. Which I think is great. You can still subscribe on Facebook and “keep tabs” on someone if you wanted. It would just show up on your notifications that someone updated their status or uploaded a picture. Whatever it is. I find that Twitter is more for professionals or the “famous” people. I’ve got a Twitter, but I’m never on it. I only go on there if I’m looking for a contest, a model search, giveaways, that sorta thing. But I couldn’t care about what those famous people are up to. I mostly like keeping track of my favorite shows, but Facebook provides that opportunity as well.

Answer #10

I enjoy FaceBook for the Friends aspect..Twitter, for the ‘Freedom of Speech’ aspect - nice to still have an outlet that isn’t eroding that right…at least, not yet.

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