Why do people dislike America?

when ever someone says something bad about the U.S.A i try to understand it from there perspective and of course our country has made mistakes but what country hasn’t. one thing i don’t understand is why some people think we are evil.i truly believe that the U.S.A does try to help other country. We aren’t out to take over the world. and im not gonna lie of course some of the things we do are for our benefit but then again what country doesn’t make decisions that are good for there country. i don’t always agree with what other country’s do or what my government does a matter of fact. but what i feel people need to realize is that country’s are run by people and most people on this earth are trying to do good.and i sometimes think people forget this just because a person who is saying something different then what they believe they refuse to think about there ideas and then see them as trying to ruin everything.

Answer #1

I don’t dislike it, I love it because it’s my home ;)

Answer #2

i don’t dislike it either. we have our issues but every country does. its my home also:)

Answer #3

I really dont know. I love America. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.

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der r sum bcoz they think U.S.A rule d world im not american citizen but i do hv a huge respect to american people

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What about when your country’s different ideas contradicts other country’s laws? Like your country in the past trying to bring nuclear powered ships into MY country, when it is against my countries laws. Am I supposed to respect Americas total lack of respect for my country? If it were just a matter of a country having different ideas, there is no problem with that, but when a country thinks they can impose their ideas on other countries, and get away with whatever they like, not just in their ow country but in others, thats when I start finding it a problem.

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This is a very complicated subject and the reasons vary around the world. some are religious, others economic, others political. You have to understand that they are all valid reasons to the people who hold them, and some of them we could be alittle more understanding about. On the other hand, most idealisms will never change and we shouldn’t be so arrogant to think that we can.

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America often comes across as condescending, belittling, and self-righteous. American exceptionalism or the idea that America is uniquely qualified to lead the world politically, socially, and economically doesn’t play well elsewhere.

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I think America has the most perfect strategies towards the three major aspects: Business, Politics and power(including weapons/nuclear power etc). For example during world war2; America started charging for the gold(Boolean) which other countries kept with it due to war situations which i think was a wonderful business strategy and it helped America in becoming a strong nation but the coin always has two faces; some people dislike it and some people like me believe that America and its people have amazing mind power. People should actually learn from their work.

P.S: I love my country; India.

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You’re all extremely arrogant, ignorant, naive, obnoxious people who beleive their country is the single most amazing and powerful country on the planet, and think youre above everyone because of military prowess. Meanwhile, you have students failing and dropping out and failing school and rates getting higher each year, the fattest country in the world, ad trillions of dollars in debt which will never be paid off. And yes that goes for about 99% of the people I’ve met from there. You’re one of the naive/ignorant types. You think invading another country is simply “doing good for your country”… At the expense of what ? Thousands of innocent lives not only in another part of the world, but your own people… Just for some oil money. Your government is corrupted and you’re all to dumb to see it. Those are just a few reasons why most of us “dislike” you and you’re people.

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Allow the bad grammar, I just woke up haha

Answer #12

Because our politicians do some screwed up stuff that even we disagree with, but hey theyre Americans, we’re Americans, why not just put us in the same bucket and hate us all right?

Answer #13

i hate to tell you but we aren’t the only country witch debt. most country’s are!! and i never said we invade country just for our own good. most of the country’s we invade women were repressed which is wrong to us. and john where do you live?

Answer #14

where do you live?

Answer #15

i think India is a great country also!

Answer #16

yea.but so do there county’s. Look what Irag did, or any of those country’s

Answer #17

Yea I know right.

Answer #18

I know :) thanks!

Answer #19

Like our President projects at home and abroad - America is to Blame for all…never has it done anything positive in his world of re-written history (ex: America has always been an Islamic nation)….his words and actions display his views….not surprising the many Haters now adays….his agenda is the ‘popular’ attitude/theme…evident here…thanks, BHO !…..hopefully he’ll manage to acknowledge the tremendous upsides < plural, I served and it pains me to have a leader that projects her negatives only…..this certainly isn’t the only reason, no person or country is perfect and some legitimate points made….just saying ‘it doesn’t help’ when the leader tears down, rather than builds up…..my opinion, overall, America is the greatest nation in history richly blessed by God, I am unashamed and unapologetic for my views/faith/opinion…. not seeking anyone elses agreement, so save your whines….. :-)

Answer #20

this is confusing. so do you like America or not? and i think most of American are christian.

Answer #21

most americans are christian

Answer #22

This is why people don’t like America

Answer #23

because were christian?

Answer #24

And, like I’m from Canada. Like, we dont hate you, but it’s just like sometimes it sorta feels like you put yourselves over us. and you make fun of canadians with all these stereotypes, but i swear it’s nothing like you say. we dont live in igloos, i live in a big house. it’s 30 degrees celcius today and the sun is shining because it’s summer.. yeah we have winter, but it doesnt mean that we have it all the time. and we’re not all lumberjacks and we dont all say “eh” after every sentence. like, we dont make fun of americans. idk, i dont hate them but thats how it feels. i hoped that helped coming from a person who’s on the other side and can relate (:

Answer #25

thanks this helps. i like Canada. the United states and Canada are usually allies when it comes to things.

Answer #26

Well being born and raised in America I don’t know if I have the best opinion of this, but it seems America tries to police the world, stick our noses into every other countries business and tell them what they can and can’t do, and generally annoy other countries. I don’t know how much other world powers do this, but the USA seems to be very pushy about it.

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Answer #28

No, because you claim to be, and I quote, “the greatest nation in history richly blessed by God”.

Answer #29

ok and why were our ships there. because i seriously dont know

Answer #30

americans dont invade but they kill the economie of other countries by replasing all the countries stores and restaurant with american ones Ex. McDonalds and many many many more

Answer #31

Oh wow. The US is scared of the progress China is making so they decided to bring military over here “just in case”, ignoring the fact that China is also our ally and therefore we must keep on good terms with them and the US at the same time. Majority of us over here agree that having US military here will only cause problems and make us a target all so the US can have piece of mind in case China decides to rise against them.

Answer #32

umm i hate to tell you but if thats the case your country let us in because we would not barge right in…and im pretty sure we arent afraid of china since they make soooo many of our products..plus if they attacked us they would lose trillions of dollars. seeing as most of our debt is to them… so unless this happend during like the cold war or before that i think youve been told wrong..

Answer #33

Evan that’s not our fault your country let those companys in.. so your going to blame us for a company whose trying to make money..if you dont like those company in your country dont get mad at us but go to your government and get mad at them for letting them come and build store in your country

Answer #34

so you hate us because we “don’t actuality believe in god” thats very close minded! that would be saying just because a person Doesn’t believe believe in something they are terrible person. and our country is rich because our ancestors have worked hard for it.

Answer #35

I’ve always thought it’s cause they’re just jealous. America is awesome. Haters gon hate.

Answer #36

‘Bout time somebody finally keepin’ it real =)

Answer #37

Yep:) Speak the truth. <3

Answer #38


Answer #39

If an American company like mc donalds shuts down some of your countries’ fast food spots, then wouldn’t your people be to blame for that? Or are you forced to eat and shop at American stores, just wondering

Answer #40

yea i dont thnkno one physically forces you guys to eat mcdonalds if other people in other countries dont want american products dont buy them, simple.

Answer #41

I do not know about others , but i have No problem with America and have deep respect for them for their progress and openness .

Answer #42

Um I hate to tell you but this is happening right now. Obama was on the news telling this to our Prime Minister. The US is afraid China will be ahead of them soon as they are booming. Considering you didn’t even know this was happening and everyone over here knows US military are being brought to the Northern Territory, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been misinformed.

Answer #43

I was quoting Niky’s answer… I don’t believe in God myself but that has nothing to do with my comment. Please re-read.

Answer #44

haha ok.well im not Afraid of china. they wont hurt us we wont hurt them. they might talk about it but it wont happen..no need to worries. Heck i even have liked Chinese people before

Answer #45

I like Canada, I have family there. I never really knew of anyone to talk bad about Canada, but I’m sure there are a few people that do. There ara also some Canadians that talk bad about us. One thing I will say tho is that our military protects Canada.

Answer #46

The nuclear powered ship thing was in relation to my country, New Zealand. And yes, they just barged in, and when they were asked whether their ships were nuclear powered, they made a very famous comment that they would neither confirm nor deny that they were nuclear powered. Arrogant much?

Answer #47

yea but Canada is always allies with us.usually when we go to war with someone they usually join us

Answer #48

ok sorry. well i dont remember ever hearing our country is bleesed by god.yes it is in our constitution and on our money but that just means most of us believe in god and thats how our country started based that most of us believe in god

Answer #49

ok.i agree that was wrong.but to be honest no country is actually going to tell which ship is nuclear or not

Answer #50

You have no choice, we are your only protectors.

Answer #51

thats just my guess

Answer #52

I think in scotland it’s not that we dislike america but a lot of the time we find americans really funny because of the way they seem to take scottiish legends and stories really seriuosly like the whole haggis think so we laugh at americans.

Answer #53

ok Brandi that’s a little harsh.. it just means we have some of the same values since were so close to each other. they have a lot of the same allies as us

Answer #54

In a way, yes people are forced to buy American products because most of the time they are cheaper and easier to buy. Someone who’s strapped on money isn’t going to find a local store and pay more, theyre gonna go to the American super giant store to buy the product because there are more of those stores that sell the same product cheaper.

Answer #55

so your saying were helping you? because its cheaper

Answer #56

oh and i found out why our ships are in Australia. its because china think they own Taiwan.and Taiwan doesn’t belong to them .because they are a democracy. so were there just in case but china wont do anything because were so interconnected.plus with North Korea the united states own some territories over there plus to help countrys like south Korea and japan if they are attacked. so were there to protect our territories and our allies

Answer #57

I listened to a debate the other day between Jason Ditz… editor of Antiwar.com and Richard Perle… sith overlord. http://funadvice.com/r/bt40cqmtnsu

I learnt from the debate that for every [1] named “terrorist” killed by drone strikes… [40] unknown civilians have been killed by them. Imagine how you might feel if your local SWAT team carpet bombed the neighborhoods they suspected of harboring bank robbers. Do you think that the police unit would come to be resented? Add to that the fact that we seem to be looking for the flimsiest casus belli to invade countries and take them over to make them more friendly for our plutocratic plunderers in chief.

Though some of the disdain voiced here by certain segments of the worlds population is disjointed. Those citizens of our western allies should be equally scornful of their complicit governments who for the most part aid the US and Israel in their wars of aggression. They accept the roving rendition centers. They provide military aid. They help impose sanctions. They forgive our current President for his continuation of the policies and wars his predecessor received much deserved derision for. It is hard to take the critiques of these segments seriously. After all… we are no more or less culpable for the abuses of our government as they are for theirs.

I think the criticism of this country is valid and much needed. We need to be shown the mirror to see exactly how far we have succumbed. We seem to be delusional to where we are as a nation and what we are acquiescing to.

I have come to the point myself that I believe nationalism of any sort is just the aether used to supplant the religious residue leftover when the expediency of religious zealotry has run its course or become counterproductive. The same blind zeal that true believers had in regards to the infallibility of their silver tongued preacher is seen also in the eagerness of most to believe anything claimed by the leaders draping themselves in the flag. They parrot the same fire and brimstone sermons being preached by our plutocratic leaders that will surely come to pass if we disobey their financial orders. They no longer require physical proof of any sort for any story their dear leaders tell them… by their blind faith that they will never be misled. They firmly believe that good things will come to those who simply obey their government’s commandments. I used to be proud of the fact that my antecedents helped shape this country from a time when it was just a British colony to the time when it sent a man to the moon. I realized I had no say in any of it. I didn’t choose where I was born. I should not have any allegiance to a place simply because it is where i come from. That is dangerous in my opinion. I should be more aligned to the ideals that once distinguished the place as a haven for liberty inasmuch as it ever was the case. The ideals are worth claiming… not a flag or a label. So… I don’t care if America is criticized… I am not America… I have fought against the policies that I find repugnant. I won’t be enlisted to a cause that never was my own.

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