Passport to go from US to Canada?

I am a us citizen. I’m going to canada this week to visit my dad, because he lives there. Do I need a passport to get there, or come back?

Answer #1

yups, you sure do!! I always need to show them my passport when I go to the states… so I’m pretty sure it’s the same with people comming from the sates into canada!! which province in canada dose your dad live in?

Answer #2

yeah, anytime you pass over international boarders you need one I think after 9-11 but maybe not to canada… have fun! Canada sounds lovely!

Answer #3

Definitely do…don’t try to go without it…you’ll just have to turn right back around! Even with a passport, they ask you a hundred and 21 questions for you why you even want to enter!! It’s horrible, I went there a few months ago and they almost made me turn around and I HAD a passport! They said that wanting to go over for just a day then going right back to New York was a little strange…in the long run they let me in but it was like pulling teeth!

Answer #4

you didnt need to pre 9/11, not so sure any more…

Answer #5

I live in Canada. Nice to meet you. No, I do not think you need a passport if you are driving, if you have one than bring it. I went to the us and back a few days ago (on vacation) and all that happened was they ask a few questions (take a dollar or two cause it costs a bit of money) and if you have a truck they may want to take a look in the back. Its no big deal. Have fun in my country! Hope you like it.

Answer #6

Yea!!! If you don’t have one now your outta luck it takes 2-4 weeks to get them! :-(

Answer #7

Nope…sorry rnealw…I needed it and I was driving!

Answer #8

If you drive over no. if you fly over Yes. . .

Answer #9

I think you can substitute a valid birth certificate in place of a passport but a passport usually expidites things.

If you fly in I believe that they will require that you show a passport or other acceptable ID such as a birth certificate. If you are not a U.S. citizen I believe that they will accept a U.S. green card in lieu of a passport from your native country and, depending upon the country of your citizenship, the green card might be more readily accepted without them doing a lot of checking.

For Canada and Mexico what I usually do going both ways - passing into one of those two countries or returning to the U.S. by car is to have my passport readily available but out of sight and wait for them to ask for it. They don’t always ask for it.

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