Can my best friend from China go to Canada and back with me without a green card?

my best friend is from china and shes been in the u.s. for 9 months and doesn’t have a green card and i want to take her to canada with me and my family she has an a05 card and a chinese passport just not a green card could she still go?

Answer #1

There are some reasons for people to come to other country. The most common one is s tourist and for business. But for those two reasons you have a very limited time. If yu are caught over stay: you will be sent back to your country and being black listed by the country, meaning it is hard for you to come back there again. If not caught and you will be called: illegal immigrant. For longer stay, you need to show them that you have permanent job. Still without green card. But it also has a limittation in time. What he can do is when the limit time comes, he has to get out of the country first to get the visa extended, usually once a year or every 6 month. That’s all I know.

Answer #2

were just going to niagara falls for 3 days and shes 17 and were going in a month. is she allowed to go even though its just for a few days?

Answer #3

With no criminal records, everything is fine. All she needs to do is going to Canada embassy and get the visa. Tourists visa usually is for 3 months, different country gives different time. She will be told by the officer any conditions she needs to get, like return tickets, enough amount in her bank account. and maybe parents permission.

Answer #4

thank you

Answer #5

Sri, I would be careful giving out legal advice when you dont know her status. The U.S. usually only allows visitors 6 month stays at a go. She’s been there 9 months. You dont know what her status currently is.

Answer #6

Please don’t come on funadvice and ask people for legal advice. People are going to give you the best advice they can. But you cannot risk your friend being permanently deported from the country and banned from coming back because you want to go on vacation to canada for 3 days. This depends on a 100 different things. Immigration laws are extremely complicated and you need to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs before going ANYWHERE. A student at the University I went to got stuck in Canada for a while, even though he had a valid visa and was currently a student, all his paperwork was fine, but he forgot to get a stamp from the school. You do not want to mess with the U.S. immigration when it comes to this stuff. Now, what visa is she here under. When does the visa expire. If it is not valid, dont even think about it. You may get her through, or you may get her deported. If the visa is valid, what sort of stay was she granted. Under a visitor visa, the person has a limited amount of time she can be here, it is usually 6 months. If she’s under a student visa, she needs to go get things cleared with her school (there’s a stamp they need to put on her documents certifying that she is still a student at the school, as well as other paperwork).

Answer #7

And there’s no such thing as an a05 card. Are you talking about an EAD (employment authorization) card? Oh and to go to canada she needs a canadian visa.

Answer #8

She’s going to need to return to China before coming to Canada - if she tries to cross the US-Canada border, she will be detained.

Answer #9

she said a05 and shes 16 and doesn’t work

Answer #10

what do when u mess up and u try to get her back

Answer #11

TY, As I said earlier, if there is no criminal record, that wold be including being illegal immigrant or any other status which is against the law. All she can do is just going to Canada Embassy and apply for a visa.

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