Can I pass a background check as an ex-drug felon in another state???

2 years ago I received a drug felony conviction in California. It has been terribly frustrating finding work in California. I’ve recently joined the IBEW Electrical Union who to my experience doesn’t do background checks BUT haven’t been able to get work through them for 7 months due to my lack of experience/hours. I’ve been thinking about moving to Arizona or some other state in hopes of finding ANY consistent work to help me and my family survive. Any advice????

Answer #1

You may try working for a non union private contractor to gain some more documented experience and keep the union posted with what you are doing.

Attend all the union meetings you possibly can to show your interest and maybe make some contacts and or find some leads. Advertise “yourself” wherever you can that you are ready to go to work. In the meantime take any job you can get even if it’s not as an electrician because the best way to “find” a job is to already “have” one.

Answer #2

Thank You for your advice onemandog.

Answer #3

Your quite welcome……………best wishes.

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