Is it true that you don't wear panties with pantyhose?

Hi im a 18 y/0 female and have a fashion question. Mom said that women wear pantyhose without underwear? Is that true and or safe? Also I want to wear strappy shoes with pantyhose is that ok?

Answer #1

Its all a personal preference,I feel panties under pantyhose is sexier though.I wear pantyhose myself and sometimes wear underwear under them and sometimes I dont.

Answer #2

Some wear underwear with pantyhose, and some don’t, its sort of a personal thing, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to wear them, so try it both ways. I personally prefer underwear as I find it more comfortable than the course pantyhose down there.

Answer #3

I always wear panties with my pantyhose. I wear nude sheer to waist pantyhose with mini skirts. I prefer the 100% nylon pantyhose. Do you all wear mini skirts? Mine are very short. It is good to wear panties with pantyhose.

Answer #4

If it is winter I were pantyhose with out panties most of the time, I like the feeling. In the summer montths I wear thigh highs with and with out panties depenting on where I am going, I like the cool feeling of a nice breeze flowing up my skit.

Answer #5

Some wear w/and some without. What ever is most comfortable to you. You can look nice and also look your best w/out pantyhose which are very yy hot in the summertime. filetofspam should try wearing them & he probably wouldn’t make those kind of remarks

Answer #6

Of course you wear underwear under pantyhose, or else it’s just wrong. I guess people do, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Answer #7

I wear pantyhose and find that no panties work for me.

Answer #8

There are a lot of good responses here. The bottom line is you don’t have to. If you wear good quality hose, then you will actually prefer not wearing panties, as they can be softer and feel nicer against you than a panty. Wolfords or Fogals are very soft and sheer. As for the hose with sandals, or strappy shoes. Absolutely! In the 70’s and 80’s models and high class fashionistas wore hosiery all the time, and during these periods, strappy shoes were all the rage. Someone said it earlier here that many celebrities don’t wear hosiery these days, and they were surprised, because wouldn’t you want your legs to look their best. I agree totally. Hosiery takes all the imperfections out of the legs, adds shape to them as the light shimmers off of your contours. Depending on the brand, they feel feminine and sexy too. Hosiery does to the legs what the Wonderbra did for the chest. The “Men prefer Hanes” line that is used on mens underwear ads, actually came from womens pantyhose adds in the 1970 - 1980’s, where hosiery adverts portrayed that your legs would look better in hosiery, from a mans point of view. I have found that to be very true. My advice to women everywhere. Be confident in how you want to look and feel. Choose good quality products. Don’t follow the trend setters for the sake of fitting in. Hosiery is safe, they feel good, and everyone likes the look of them.

Answer #9

Yes, wear underwear, otherwise it’s just gross.

Answer #10

They are called “panty”hose for a reason. If girls do wear panties with them its because they feel insecure, naughty, slutty, afraid that some guy is going to cop a peak and get him all hot and bothered.Well listen up ladies pantyhose without panties gets any true red blooded American guy hot and bothered, I’m one of them. It is not only a turn off but awkward as hell when my girlfriends wear panties with them. Have to pull them aside and school them on proper pantyhose etiquette! One preppy gal I was engaged to once told me that she felt like a slut if she didn’t wear panties underneath her pantyhose, that night I bent her over and her pantyhose/panties ended up around her ankles. NO PANTIES, pantyhose only. Also bare legged look, even on hot chicks bore me to tears, onto silkier pastures!

Answer #11

Yes, the whole point of pantyhose is that it is stockings and panty all in one. Garter belts and stockings did not really go with the mini-skirts of the 1960’s. Still some women wear panties underneath their pantyhose. Some pantyhose has cotton crotches for women who are sensitive down there.

Many women don’t bother with hose at all these days. I notice that lots of actresses go bare legged. You’d think they would do everything they could to look their best but I guess hose are just too much bother for some women.

Answer #12

Everyone has her own comfort level and preferences, so the choice is yours. I feel more comfortable and natural not wearing panties under my pantyhose, so with rare exception do not wear panties under my hose.

I wear a better quality support pantyhose with very nice panties right in the hose, so wearing panties under them would be like wearing double panties. And no panties means no panty lines.

Not wearing the extra panties has never created a problem, but a pair of panties in the bottom of your purse just in case, is not a bad idea, especailly around that time of month.

What ever your choice, do it because it is what makes you comfortable, confident, and happy.

Answer #13

Im sure its just preference. My wife doesn’t, but in the end its all up to you.

Answer #14

Pantyhose = Panty + Hose. Wearing panties with them is redundant.

Answer #15

I wear underwear under them and shorts over them under my skirt but thats just me

Answer #16

When pantyhose were first invented they were meant to combine 3 things. 1- stockings, 2- panties, 3-garter belt/girdle. So the answer is you don’t wear panties with pantyhose. American women due to their prudish history for the most part do. The first brands of pantyhose on the market even had a white panty. It is perfectly safe to wear them this way

Answer #17

Not wearing panties with pantyhose is gross. It was not made for that reason. I don’t wear pantyhose anymore…but if I did, I’d wear panties. lol.

Answer #18

I personally do wear underwear with pantyhose, simply because it makes me feel more comfortable, I like the barrier between my body and the tightness of the hose down there. So, try it both ways, and just see what’s more comfortable.

Answer #19

There is no reason to wear panties with pantyhose. That is the reason for the cotton crotch. I never wear Panties with Pantyhose and I have NEVER had a problem. Now if it’s that time of the month you may want to wear them for extra protection.

Answer #20

ANYONE who says “not wearing panties with pantyhose is gross or wrong” is sadly misinformed and stupid. No offense. Of course it’s your choice to do whatever you want. But don’t judge women who wear it the way it was intended. PANTYhose, combines 3 elements to makes women’s lives easier. Stockings, garter and panties. This is an unarguable fact. DUHHH!!! SO, wearing underwear under pantyhose is like wearing 2 pairs of panties. Sometimes if the panties are completely sheer all the way up, I’ll wear a thong or g-string, but something very very thin and light. Also, according to my gynecologist, wearing panties and pantyhose together is too much coverage for the vagina. It makes you sweat profusely down there and will cause a yeast infection. So it’s unhealthy and risky.

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