Paintball Stains

I am going paintballing this weekend. I have been before and I love it. My problem is getting the paint out of my clothes. No matter what color clothes I have the paint still stains! I am sick of ruining hoodies and what not. Does anyone have any remedies that either can get the paint out when I’m done or anything I can do to get it from setting in so quickly?

Answer #1

still say Ultralites are a better buy.

a little more expensive. but They breath easier then a Jumpsuit. and will help for when you slide and dive into cover.

and overall. You just look so damned Cool with Digi-wood camo.

Answer #2

I went paintballing once and they gave us like, suit things to wear over our clothes. like overalls. you can buy cheap ones at like a supermarket or a hardware store, maybe if you and your friends wanted you could all buy them so none of you get your clothes ruined. try and get all the people your going with to get them because youd look kinda silly by yourself wearing it. but yeah they are pretty cheap (like $20.00)

Answer #3

Some of them are stock and they come out pretty easily but they arent very like colored paint wise anyway but a lot of the guys bring there own.. the paintballs with glitter seem to stain the worst (I dont know if that is specific lol but they seem to do it) sometimes the paint will come out but there will be a spot left over. I get them in the wash as soon as I get home but for some reason it doesnt seem to come out very well for me tear

Answer #4

hmmm…yah I’ve heard the glitter kind,(the ones with the neon glow) are a bit harder to get out…this might sound domestic of me, but my mom told me once to soak it first and apply detergent on the stain itself for about 15 to 20 mins, then wash it…might work

Answer #5

yah I always just put my clothes in the washer the same day after I go all comes out. wonder what kind of paintballs are you using? the stock ones from the paintball yard?

I’ve never really had a problem with the stains coming out

Answer #6

lol. this is why I just went ahead and bought Specialopspaintball Ultralites from

Answer #7

I normally just put it into the washing machine

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