Im a freshman in high school and no extra cirriculars sound fun-except cheerleading.I was an irish dancer for 6 years but I dont know how to do even a cartwheel.but I do have enough pep and I can do a herky and varsity.but im also not one of the popular girls and im afraid I wont make it or theyll be mean if I do.

Answer #1

just be yourself and try as hard as you can?

I mean. when I first started out playing Big-game Scenrio paintball events. I didnt know a damned person at all in that particular state. So all in all. I was a Noob to Scenrio woodsball Paintball.

but even though I didnt know anyone. I still went into the game alongside the other two-thousand and someodd players of my side. I ended up becoming a Frontline Field Leader appointed by the Players themselves.

Answer #2

look go online and figure out what it takes to be a cheerleader then go and practice 3 weeks ahead of time and you well what your saying to her cant actually help your a cheerleader so what are you sayin that is supposed to hel;p her

anyway just try your best and train urself or you can get a friend or your mom to help you out all you need is some confidence and a little supposrt and ull be on your way…hope this helps :)

Answer #3

im not friends with any tho…and they dont seem very helpful…

Answer #4

just do it. I tried out for cheerleading and didnt make it, and it didnt make a difference in the way people treated me. a lot of people dont make it

Answer #5

ok well then what should I do bout learning the flips and stuff??

Answer #6

I reeeally want to but im scared what people will think…

Then DO IT…

Does ‘’what other people think’’ actually matter? NO.

Answer #7

I dunno… I’m not a cheerleader…

Maybe you should find out the initial requirements for the squad tryouts, and ask and actual cheerleader to train you.

Answer #8

It sounds like you’re trying to talk yourself out of it…

Answer #9

I reeeally want to but im scared what people will think…

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