Would you be able to paint the side of your fence facing the neighbour's side of the property line?

If the fence is on your property, and it’s your fence, are you allowed to paint the side facing your neighbour’s house any colour you choose?

Answer #1

i would think so coz my neighbours paint the fence that’s on my side the colour they like but you might want to check first so you don’t urk them :D


Answer #2

well, where im from, if YOU put the fence up then yes and they arent allowed to. you could probably even saw hole in it and perve and youd still be within your rights lol

Answer #3

Well, it’s on your property and it’s your, so you should be able to do whatever the heck you want :) I mean, you’re allowed to do whatever you want with the side of your HOUSE that faces THEM, right? So this doesn’t seem like it’s any different.

Answer #4

*Yours, that is… >.>

Answer #5

Hm.. I never thought of that. Out here, we all have chain link fences.. or our houses are separated by little mini-alleys. Painting it any color, they shouldn’t have a say in it, but it might be nice to ask them to go on their side to actually paint it lol… We get along with all of our neighbors. :)

Answer #6

LAWL we don’t get along with OUR neighbors. They have this stupid crab apple tree, and the apples fall onto our yard and attract wasps and the acid kills our grass. Plus, they grow corn in their backyard >_> They’re SO annoying.

Answer #7

fluresent orange

Answer #8

i dont think so. i think that you would only be allowed to paint the side thats facing your house, not theirs. they might get ticked off, and just to be safe i would find out what the community ‘rules’ say about that. unless you put up the fence, then you would prolly be allowed.

Answer #9

golw in the dark green

Answer #10

I’d think it’d be best to either do one of the following.

A) Sneak into your neighbors side of the house in the midst of night and paint it. B) Ask your neighbor nicely if you can step over to their side to paint your fence. C) Just do it.

Answer #11

my final answer is…………A.

Answer #12

I’ve done it, but asked first - it was in their interest to have preservative put on and they were ok with the colour. Just doing it, in England, is a good way to start an expensive legal battle that neither wins! They’d prosecute for trespass if you went on their land to do it. Makes fun TV but the folk involved end up rather sad and broke.

Answer #13

Well I think it should be okay, seeing as it is YOUR fence. However, I would ask the neighbors nicely if they would mind you coming over to their side of the property to paint YOUR fence…If they say “No” then I am sure there is something you can do about that, call someone of authority and ask them if it is okay to do that…maybe they can send someone out to inform the neighbor that you are in fact allowed to do this…and he can stay there to make sure nothing happens.

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