What's a good paint color and/or tone to go against stark white walls?

The apartment I’m looking at moving to allows you to paint as long as you repaint everything back when you leave. The walls are stark white. Like the whitest walls I’ve ever seen. The carpet is also light, so some colors on the wall would be really nice. Thinking of just doing a wall or maybe two so I don’t have to repaint as much later. I’m wondering what would go well with the white and light colored carpet without being too drastic. Thought maybe doing one wall a neutral tone color and then do another wall in actual color color, if you get what I mean.

Answer #1

I always thought that white and pale blue looked good together, but maybe that’s just me.

Answer #2

Well almost every colour or tone goes well with white, black could be a little too bold and over powering against such a bright white colour as you said, Pink is nice if your into those sort of colours but then you would need a good colour furniture to mach. I personally think a nice olive green or even a camel colour would suit the walls very nicely. Using slightly darker tones of creams would be effective also. You could even go for a brown.

Answer #3

Well sine you don’t want a drastic change, try pale colors, like a pale pink, blue, green, yellow. Or even a nice deep red is nice when done properly.

Answer #4

Neutral colors. Like light browns or beiges. So when you leave, you’ll only need one coat of white :)

Answer #5

i think that you can paint it anything you’d like and then get the primer/paint in one white to cover it up nicely when you leave. use your imagination and style =)

Answer #6

Deep debating a deep red…or green, since green is my favorite color. Just not sure how much that pop against the white. Was thinking maybe one wall with the “pop” color, and then the wall next to or across from it in a more muted tone.

Answer #7

anything that is light and that matches your furniture like wise it will all tie in and make the room more coozy

Answer #8

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Answer #9

Beavis and Butthead are dorks, huh, huh, they never score, huh, huh.

Answer #10

fushia or medium blue i think :)

Answer #11

I always liked a sky blue with white or yellow with white but that’s just me

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