Paint Ball - is it painful???

Got a paint ball session this weekend and never been to one before…for those who have played paint-ball before, does it hurt when you get “shot” and will you bruise later on??

My boyfriend reckons I will be bruised as a strawberry so at the moment I’m pertified, I’m hoping he’s only “pulling my legs”. ( ie: joking)

Answer #1

in a word yes, but it grows on you to play and as you get better you wont get hit as much

Answer #2

Their is padding just as in any other sport you can also wear an they sell it in all sports shops an plus stuff you can also try to improvise to reduce the impact of the panitballs an so forth too.

Answer #3

I was going to go, but I thought it would hurt too much. I’ve been told it really hurts, and gives a lot of bruises. but that’s only on certain places. meh, I still wouldnt dare go ><. have fun :].

Answer #4

its okay but will leave a few bruses . have fun

Answer #5

yes it can be painful at times, probably even more so from a female perspective.

you are getting hit with a frangible projectile that is moving pretty quick- it is going to leave a mark.

what I have found that helps a bit- try wearing loose clothing- the loose clothes will help slow the paintball down a little bit before it hits your body.

the advice above is pretty much what I was going to say, EYE AND FACE PROTECTION MANDATORY, be prepared for some bruises.

Answer #6

The pain is not that bad, at least in my experience. But it’s probably because you’re moving about and you have adrenaline flowing through you, so you don’t feel it. I remember actually wondering at times if I had been shot or not, so it can’t be that bad. The bruising after words can be pretty brutal! I shot my friend in the arm, and the bruise, well you wouldn’t believe how bad it was afterwords! It took up like half his arm. The two things I would be worried about is getting shot from close range, which probably hurts more, and getting shot in the testicles! I saw a few guys wearing, well protection for that area, but anyway I guess it’s not a problem you have to worry about :)

Answer #7

no it’s not

Answer #8

actually most players play with same amount of psi (pounds per square inch) and yes under a amount of psi, the balls drop depends were you get it were you usually don’t get hurt or hit at like under your arm, it wold hurt more then getting hit in your gut, you will get bruised and it will hurt for quite a time but no longer then 3 min, but it doesnt hurt that much like I said only in some spots.

Answer #9

well, it depends really on pressure of the firing canister, the higher the pressure, the more it will hurt. it does hurt, but only for a few seconds, then you just go numb.

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