Other People feeding my cat

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, I have a cat called shadow, everything was fine up til about 2 months ago when an old lady up the road thought my cat was hungry and started letting her in her house and feeding her, I realized within a few days and immediately went to her house and explained that my cat is not hungry she just whines a lot and please could you not feed her again or let her in, I thought she understood but since then I have gone to find her every night and shadow is always at this couples house, I’ve been polite but she really is not listening, I am now at my wits end as she is telling me that I dont feed her and that me going to her house is upsetting her, I did tell her that if she stops letting her in I wouldnt have to go to her house but its just not working! has anyone else had this problem and what did you do, Please help, its so upsetting. Thanks

Answer #1

hi! I’m happy to say that last night my cat came home without me going to get her, I think finally the women has seen sense! we went round there and asked them politely to leave her alone and they werent listening, they even threatened to call the police because I kept going round her house, the thing is everytime I went round my cat was in their house, I have never been round when it hasnt been in there! well hopefully shadow will keep coming home every night, in answer to your question yes she has been neutered, she was done a when she was about 6 months old, maybe a bit older. Where I live cats are free to roam and I think its nice that cats are able to do there, its just the minority of people have to ruin things! Thanks for your help everyone.

Answer #2

find out what she is feeding the cat and give the same food to the cat then the can’t won’t have a reason to go there!

Answer #3

Actually in some cities you are not suppose to let your cats run loose. In ours the Animal Control Officer will pick them up if they run loose and he catches them or someone calls them in.

Has she been spayed that is one way to make her stop leaving.

But you know cats choose their families, we don’t choose the cat. They say no one owns a cat.

I would bare with the crying and stop letting both cats out. It is a proven fact that cats live longer if they stay in the house. Not only can cats be hurt they can do a lot of damage running loose.

I went through a stage of my neutered male cat wanting out when we moved to this house because we have a lot of cats next door that run loose. I had to bear with his meowing and finally he got over it. We have lived here 6 1/2 years now and he managed to escape twice and they beat him up and now he never wants out. Thank goodness.

I would stop letting both cats out if you really love them. My cats are 8 and 13 years old they are this old because they do not go out side.

Good luck

Answer #4

Hi thanks for all your messages, maybe I need to speak to a community support officer! they might be able to help, infact my cousin is one, although he doesnt live down here I’m sure he could just visit the ladies house in his uniform and scare her off!!! My cat used to stay in most of the time and just go out for a couple of hours a day, now I can go for days without seeing her unless I go and find her and she hasnt eaten in our house for quite a while, we’v managed to keep her in all night last night and she is crying the house down!but I dont know how long we can keep her in for really and I dont know what to do while I’m at work because at the moment I’m letting my other cat out when she meows (I’ve had to lock the cat flap!)I cant do that while I am at work! Ha ha no I dont think she is senile I just think shes a bit dotty! They asure me that they do not want a cat and if they did they would go to cats protection and I said if you dont want one please can you stop letting mine in then! I am begining to think they are completely deaf!xx

Answer #5

You could call the police, because she is not allowed to feed your cat if you do NOT give her permission. That is a complete invasion of privacy, and it’s especially not good for your cat. If I were you, I would call the police. It’s the right thing to do.

Answer #6

oh my god! she’s crazy. gee, well, if you involve the police and they say they can’t do anything, wow.. make the cat get rabies or something. hahaha just kidding. um… well is your cat a complete outdoor cat?

Answer #7

Hi there, I have tried calling the police and they say they cannot do anything, they say that apparently you dont ownt the cat, the cat owns you, they have told me that she is not breaking the law and to speak to citizens advice, I’ve had to lock my cat indoors which she doesnt like and also its hard because I have another cat that still needs to get out and cant if I lock the cat flap!!!

Answer #8

I think you should tell the lady your cat has diebeties and that it needs a special diet that the vet gives you only

just a thought

Answer #9

You should get a large gate or playpen for your cats while you get a community support officer (or at least someone) to help you. that way, the cats can still be outside, but won’t be able to get out or go to the old ladies house.

Answer #10

I was thinking that the police might be able to help, too…not because what she’s doing is illegal, but because they do sometimes step in over neighborly disputes. Is this lady old enough to be senile?? Like older that me…:)??

Maybe instead of being upset when you go to get your cat, you might ask her if she’d like you to look for another cat for her?? Like YOU take the old lady under your wing…in a sense, and get her a kitten of own, so she’ll leave yours alone.


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