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ok well my boyfriend fingers me but hes not very good at it and he cant get me to orgasm or anything and he wants to give me a lickout but I said no because I was worried about how he would feel about the smell .he asked me if I had ever had an orgasm and I said no and he was really dissapointed that he hadnt given me one so can I have any tips to having an orgasm ? and what does an orgasm feel like and what exactly happens?and will he really mind the smell?

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let him do it!! havin an orgasm is mint!!

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well if you really think you have an odor down ther first off go buy some summers eve or something it will help boost your confidence sometimes...but most guys if they love you they are not bothered! but if you are uncomfortable tell him he isnt good at fingering y ou and to do something else a guy always has good ideas on how to get a girl to orgi!

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Don't douche. That is really bad for your vagina and will make it smell worse because you upset it's flora. If you have good hygene it shouldn't smell bad but musky. Some guys actually like this. If it is a problem, take a bath or shower just before hand.

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if ur having problems getting an orgasm let him insert more than one finger and try moving bac an forth on them.

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when he is fingering you tell him to press up really hard nd keep doing that in and out nd u will
and most vaginas smell grand nd taste unreal i could do it all day nd iv given my girl friend 7 in da space of a half hour by doing that
o and tell him to make sure he has short nails when he dose that hope iv helped

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