Trying to finger myself to reach an orgasm

What if I'm only 14 years old looking at porno websites and I can't finger myself because it feels like it hurts? how can I make it not to hurt?

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Make sure you are really lubed up (wet, moist) so it doesnt hurt as much. Start slow and then once it starts to feel better do what pleases you. And yes rubbing your clit helps ...

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just rub ur clit, it doesnt hurt and it can make u cum

how to finger myself to reach an orgasm?
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Im only 14 and how do I finger myself to arganismn

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it hurts probably because you've never had anything up there and ur cherry isn't broken. Try rubbing your clitoris ... that won't hurt and will bring you pleasure.

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instead of fingering to reach orgasm,, Put a pen in your vagina and push it and pull it out as fast as you can,, TRUST ME you will reach orgasim because I do this myself..x
Good Luck Babe x

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well dont push so hard and make light and feathery use 2 fingers it fells so much better

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Hw do i finger myself

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I just fingered myself for the first time, and it didn't hurt at all, it just felt really good lol. maybe the position you're in makes a difference to whether it hurts or not. try lying on your back, and lifting your legs to the side so theyre almost touching your stomach and then slowly go in then just keep going..and be wet too lol. good luck!

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pull the skin at the top of your vagina towards your belly button so its tight and your clit is easy to access then just rud it using circular motions until you come!! use a lube if ur a bit dry and trust me ull feel the pleasure!!

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rub your clit then start with 1 then 2 fingers ( make sure yur lubed up ) do it hard; pain is good, then keep rubbin your clit

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I'm Soo horney and fingering yourself feels sooo good

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umm you are wonder it hurts. you should be thinking about how to work out that math problem, and worry about orgasms for the appropriate age...

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try finding your vigaina instead your pee hole if it hurt you are touching your pee hole once in you vigaina rubing your self every night once you HAVE THAT DOWN PACK put 10 or 8 pen in your pu**y it will fell get but first watch 30 porn videos to get your pu**y wet the wetter the better

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