What is your opinion on traveling by airplane?

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I would if i just HAD too but i wouldn`t like it if i could i`d rather travel by car .

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i personally HATE planes. its a nice mode of transportaion for some people, but i just freak out the whole time. its bad enough being in a car and knowing it could crash, but being thousands of feet in the air, theres a very little chance of survival if that plane goes down, and i dont like that thought. so i try to avoid them wherever possible

airplanes and gum.

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I have traveled by plane most of my life...if it is a short trip then its a wonderful way to travel...but if it is a long trip I mean like 12 hours...then it can be somewhat uncomfortable...my trips back & forth from the US vs abroad! (pain in the butt) :P

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it's okay ,

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I'm 39 and have actually never traveled by plane and honestly will be quite happy if I never do. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground. Thankfully I have no real desire to leave Canada, so can drive everywhere I want to go. : )

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I guess its okay especially when you sit next to the window and u see sky and clouds awhhhhhh such a good time to day dream :p

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It's fast and effective.

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No big deal...I dnt like too long trips tho even tho the longest iv ever traveled at once is 3 hrs give or take...still, not bad ...

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i love to travel by plane unless its long then i HATE it but i think its fun.

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:/ I think that I just have heard too many stories about how they crash and stuff because I hate them and I am complitly scared of them. I have only been on one, once in my life and I almost dies of panic. I think I rather go to places by car or by train, might cost more but I can enjoy the ride. :)

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Getting from point A to point B in the fastest time via plane is great...Flying is the safest thing to do then driving, there are more car crashes then there are plane crashes, so I do not have any problems with flying. Now if only QANTAS, would bring their damn maintenance back to home (Australia) instead of having workshops overseas (India etc), we would have the best flying kangaroo (airline carrier) in the world.

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i myself can't stand the frisks and everything at airports. i like trains the best.

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Oh my goodness I just loove traveling by plane!!! It's the 1st thing that comes to my mind wen some1 says vacation! The longer the more exciting!! The later at night the more fun!! :DDD I LOVE it!!! :DDD We go from airport to airport wenevr we go back to the states and go on 13 hour flights and then 7 and then 2! It's sooo much fun!!! :DD

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