What is your opinion on joining the National Guard, and why would you or would you not join it?

Considering joining the National Guard? Whats your opinion on joining the National Guard? Why or why not would you want to or not want to? If you have any info, or pretty much if you know anything on it, I wouldn’t mind hearing aha. Thanks !

Answer #1

I have a citizenship and if they sent me a letter saying you have to join i would say yes because it’s the law, and i don’t wanna get in trouble with the law,

cause if you refuse to join the army they sent to a letter saying you have to join cause you have a citizenship and you are required to do militiary duty.

and you say no you can get arrested for refusing to corporate that’s the law plus they put it on a persons record to scar them for refusal, that’s what a veteran told me.

I would join the national guard it’s cool and they have lots of exercise equipment to get buff and ripped :D

I love army style :D

Answer #2

-.- Ugh

Answer #3

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Answer #4

Overall, a great idea…serving your country…learning valuable skills for your future…..as a member there, you’re not just given ‘book knowledge’ but actual ‘hands on/everyday operating’…..not to mention the self-dicipline taught, independence, responsibility, etc …….

Answer #5


Answer #6

Hi Am a evelyn,so how are you? i hope all is well with you and good condition of health i saw your profile i took interest to drop a few wards for you i will like you to write me throught my email address which is

  (evelynlauren @ r o c k e t m a i l.c o m) am waiting to hear from you because i have something 

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Answer #7

You’re very welcome…..wish you the best !

Answer #8

The thing is, they won’t make you join at all, except if there is a draft. The last draft there was, was back in Vietnam war I believe. Read more on the Selective Service Act.

Answer #9

I was actually considering joining the National Air Guard. I want to become a pilot so after college I might go through that or normal Air Force. With the National Guard they won’t deploy you to foreign countries, you will serve within the actual country. So it’s not as bad, cause you won’t have to do as much, Hah, I think. Another positive thing is that most US military branches let you retire when you serve 20 years, so if you go after college you can retire maybe at 40 or even earlier. But when you sign a contract you are committed and obligated to serve your time, maybe 6 years. Plus they might put you on reserve, i.e. after you serve 6 years you can become a teacher persay, and if there is a national emergency they would call you out. So I think that’s that withing an 8 year period.

Answer #10

AND the benefits in any US military branch are great. Health, life, social security, and financial aid is almost always provided.

Answer #11

National Guard you can definately be dispatched to serve abroad…..used to be a 9 yr period you’re eligible to be recalled…I’d check…..while you’re in they may be a large % of your education costs……Anyone: Never forget to register with Selective Service…..will come back to bite ya !

Answer #12

I would never join any branch of the military, just because I’m somewhat anti-military. After having many people in my family die in service and have their fellow officers be incredibly insensitive about it, and realizing just how they actually carry themselves, (not full of respect as we all think), and how cocky this country is anyway, it just makes me hate the military, not members of it, just the people behind it, and this country. We are very well off here, so we don’t need to rub it in every other country’s face. They all get it. After that video was released of the American soldiers pissing on the dead bodies of Iraqis I lost all respect. Sorry, but this is how I feel.

Answer #13

i think it would be great. you will learn a ton.but if you decide to go in i want you to know that more than likely you will be sent to war and if your prepared for that i say go for it.

Answer #14

My brothers friend decided to do it and she absolutley adores it.

Answer #15

yea Sorry nap but no one is getting drafted right now..our military is even getting down sized right now…..

Answer #16

Oh thank Heavens i won’t die in war :D

Answer #17

You can still be a conscientious objector and serve for the opportunity. But I see your point, this country spends too much on military and it makes me kind of hate it. I would prefer dying in my home country, which is in-fact a third-world country, for an actual cause and making it a better place, rather than getting involved in every other country’s affairs, like the US does.

Answer #18

The reason behind the US having such a big military is so that no one wants to even bother us..i know thats not the whole why cant the world have peace but right now that is impossible.maybe one day it will be but not now..and we need to be able to defend them selves.and to Kort who said thee officers insensitive to there family members dieing.thats because they have to.. They lose so many men at war that if they get sensitive over everyone they wont be able to do there job. sorry but im full fledged support of our military even if i don’t always agree with what they are doing

Answer #19

I think it’s a good experience. I personally probably wouldn’t join, cause I’m not physically strong enough to do the basic training. My cousin says it’s HELL. He got home sick, the training was so hard, and he wanted to come home so many times, but he stayed and finished. Honestly, if it’s something you want to do, I say do it. :)

Answer #20

You also have a point but the US overdoes it. They spend 2x more money on national defense than every other country in the world combined. I understand that its protection, but we don’t need to be that protected. Doing that also makes other countries hate the US even more, which gives more motive to attack.

Answer #21

“we dont need to be protected” that is what you said….. what do you call 9/11

Answer #22

and most countrys that hate us are in the middle east.most European country’s like us

Answer #23

Haha well politically yes, they like us. But ask actual people, they are think differently. And 9/11 was a terrorist attack yes, but do you what cause it? Al Qaeda’s hate for the US started and grew as we got more powerful and we got involved in all these middle east problems. That is my point. If we we weren’t so nosy and got in other countries’ affairs, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. i.e. Kuwait back in the early 90’s. That is when Al Qaeda grew a hate feeling towards the US.

Answer #24

And I said “we don’t need to be THAT protected” as I was pointing out how much the US spends on national defense.

Answer #25

ok and remember what happened last time the USA did not step in.. im pretty sure its called WW2 and looks how that turned out. and even if we didn’t help those country’s would still hate us because they would say why arent they helping people when they are all rich and wealthy.no matter what we did people will hate us

Answer #26

Yes, but its a life lesson from way before any neanderthals were born, it comes down to natural selection and survival of the fittest. Yes it is sad many die. If it doesn’t concern someone then why step in. I guess it was good that the US stepped in WW2, but that’s for the ultimatum of the world. Because indeed Hitler wanted world domination, a perfect world. Which would eventually involve every country in the world. But a normal war with another country is pointless. It’s sad, but what isn’t? Life is life. As I mentioned, US intervened in Kuwait, because of greed and benefits, we wanted Kuwait as an ally since they had many oil reserves. If not then why? I mean I don’t see US intervening in countries like Rwanda or some African countries which currently are in a Civil revolution. WHY? Because, the US doesn’t really have an interest in any of their resources. The US doesn’t really go for peace unless benefits are included. In WW2 US also helped because they wanted European allies, and used Pearl Harbor as a good initiation to enter the war to avenge fallen military base. It is really true.

Answer #27

the reason why the US doesnt help rwanda is becuase the PEOPLE of the united states dont care..the reason we helped Kuwait is becuase the Uniteds states PEOPLE did not like paying higher gas prices so thats why we went to war…and why not try to help other countrys if they are at war if we have the abilities

Answer #28

We have had the abilities to enter every single war between countries since the beginning of the 20th-century. And you are right on your last statement. And in my book, that is called greed. We only enter wars that benefit us, not really benefit other countries. And if a war we do join benefits that country, well then that’s a Plus.

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