What would you do if someone opened up a burger joint in your town called "Fat Ho Burgers"?

This lady here in Waco, my home town, recently opened a place called Fat Ho Burgers. The news quickly went national and even people as far as New York have heard.

Answer #1

you go to it with a pillow in the back of ur pants and order the thunder thigh meal!

Answer #2

If the person who owned it was named “Fat Ho” or “Ho Fat” and was chinese in origin, I could not care less.

Its also BRILLIANT marketing to do that name. THink! They have national attention. And you are for sure going to want to point it out to your friends at the very least when you pass by. Not to mention wanting to go in there and buy a burger one day – despite what you think of it!

Answer #3

Choosing an odd name is like making a statement…if it is a boring burger j0int then no will be interested in it…why bother another burger j0int. Now on the other hand with a name like fat h0 burgers, there is a buzz right there…everyone wants to know what the burgers taste like what the place is like & ask about why that particular name. Obviously it will get people’s curiosity goin nutz just enough to make headline news & have people from all over the country try those burgers. It’s all about the money, free publicity, and making it into the new hit of the town bringing loads of tourists to it as well! Awesome strategy!!!!

On the other hand you will have someone that might get offended by the name & the word “FAT” or “H0”! Someone might feel the need to sue the owner for using the word fat ho meaning discrimination against fat people or h0’s.
In that case…they may be required to change their name to something less provocative while that person makes a shister of money off that! I guess it really depends on whom gets to it first.

Personally I think the name is brilliant to attract a lot of headlines which means a lot of publicity…more people, more money & that my friends is a win win. :P

Answer #4

The name would attract a lot of curiosity. If you didn’t have a good product to keep customers coming back than it won’t help in the long run though.

Answer #5

I don’t know about going in there and buying anything. Somehow the thought of Fat Ho Burgers doesn’t whet my appetite.

Answer #6

It wouldnt bother me in the least bit. I think people are getting way to sensative these days. Its a funny name, brillant marketing idea, and just look at all the free advertisement this woman has recieved. Her plan worked. This reminds me of a local gas station thats owned by a foreign couple that barely speaks english. Every time burgers are on the menu for that day their sign reads “Ho made burgers”.

Answer #7

I think it would be kinda cool cause it shows that the owner that named the restarunt douesnt care what people think, also i think that the restarunt would be popular for its name.

Answer #8

lol right! You should see the menu! it has stuff like “juicy ho burger” “sloppy ho burger” and lots more. you can google it and im sure it will pop up. thats how much attention it’s getting!

Answer #9

I think it’s fantastic. Think about it, if she had named her shop ‘the burger shop’ or something lame like that, she’d have no publicity and few customers. But calling it Fat H0 Burgers has given her publicity that money really can’t buy. She’s going to have people wanting to take pictures outside her signs saying Fat h0 just for a laugh, then upload them to social sites telling their friends- thus spreading the word of her shop and giving her essentially free publicity forever! This name has spread like wildfire, and I can tell you for sure at least 50% of people will now go to her burger place when eating lunch purely because of the name! Teens will love it ‘hey bro yeah just meet me at fat h0es’ without getting told off my teachers and parents. I think it’s brilliant. I take my hat off to her.

Answer #10

thiers a burger place called fatasss burger

Answer #11

WHAT!? where?

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