On sims 2 double deluxe / pets how cani make my 2 dogs have babys?

Ahhh I want my 2 dogs to have puppys on sims 2 double deluxe with a exspantion pack of the sims 2 pets! Their is a boy and a girl, they bolth have the same persinality and are the same breed/ bolth huskys! PLEASE HELP me!

Answer #1

you need to press ctrl and shift at the same time and look at the top of the screen there will be a place to type so type in boolrop controlpets on just like I did then press enter then on the part were it shows the family on the left side of the screen click on one of the dogs pics then go over to the other dog (in the game not the pic) and then it should have some things like barkat sniff play and more click play and just keep clicking play so the dogs start to like each other the click a sim and play with one of the dogs so the dog likes you when the dog likes you about 40 the with your sim click the dog that like you and click try for puppies its realy fun if the dog is pregnat it should play music like dun du dun dun dun du and your dog wont get fat but but it will take a little bit for her to have the babies that just means shes going through the pregnatsy and make shore she is always fed and healthy ,well have fun

Answer #2

some what like what the person above me said. but you have to buy this special house and they go in it. I have never tried it. I think its a breeding kennel or somthing

Answer #3

I think they just have to be good friends and be playing or something then they just have a puppy. at least, thats how it is on my PC version.

Answer #4

You have to buy a dog house in the dialogue. Then click on one of the dogs and click “Try Offspring With…” And go from there! You’ll see that the dogs will play around real quick, and they go in the dog house and the curtain closes. And after like a minute they come out and a liittle puppy will be floating down! lol It’s cute. :)

Answer #5

ok I dont know how to get your dogs to have puppies.But I do know 4 cheat codes for the game festival dating sim for the pc.

1.screwthebento (unlockes ren) 2.charmingjerk (makes ren have 600 EXP) 3.4eyesarebetterthan2 (makes akito have 600 EXP) 4.nobodylikesanex (makes mako have 600 EXP)

sorry I tried looking for how to make your dogs have puppies but I got nothing:)

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