Omg i made a huge mistake

well yesterday I went into a fruit market to get a job and the owner said to come in the following day at 10 so his employee could train me.I said I would go in.I didn't have a ride today and haven't called or contacted the owner or anything!!!I really want that job too!My mom told me to go in because he's always hiring and stuff but what if he thinks Im irresponsible and won't hire me!I don't know if I should call or what!!Help me pl3ease :[

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I'm assuming you're underage and thats the reason you didt have a ride. I'm sure he would understand. You should have called however, but you can always make an excuse for that. Couldn't find the number, don't have a phone ect.

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you got a big problem but the more you wait the worsier your going to make the problem i think that you should call your boss and explain the whole thing.

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