15 an I just found out im pregnant an I dont know what to do

okay yeah this is gonna sound horrible but like..im 15 an I just found out im pregnant an I dont know what to do cause im complety against abortions an my mom would kill me if she found out so im like freakin out..what do I do..? HELP!!!?

Answer #1

I’ve been in your situation before just TELL your MOM please and DONT get an abortion you will regret it later everything happens 4 a reason its gonna be hard but you will be fine trust me, but just tell your mom. cause if you don’t shell find out later on and she will really be hurt then..

Answer #2

dont abort the baby, its another human life in your hands and it never had a chance at life this baby could be the next prez and be very successful and you woouldnt know cux=z you killed it!! im sorry but tell your mom yeah shell kill you and you have to understand that and yes then your mom will know you had sex but if you dont tell that life is at stake! pleez dont!

Answer #3

I have no idea why people are on here telling you to have an abortion when you said you are against it (good girl :) ) however, I will say you did the most stupidist thing at your age, and now you have to live with the consequences and the responsibility, abortion is the easy way out, and for people who has no immaturity about themselves to take on the responsibility. like one said, pray about it, hence, God isn going to tell you to get an abortion, but He will tell you whether its meant for you to keep it or put the baby up for an adoption. good luck and please make the right decision!!!

Answer #4

well you have a big problem now dont you… well depending on how long it has been you could use a type of chemical abortion which most people who are against physical abortion use but in my opinion since you are 15 I would just get over my pro-life views and just abort.. sorry to say.


Answer #5

this si a clear answer from a person who has had a baby at 14. don’t abort it if you r against it. don’t put it up for adoption bcos people say babies are hard work but once you get into a routine with or without a father it is easy and don’t let no one tell you any different.my baby is only 5 weeks old but I am already in a routine with him. you give it time and it will work out. I was adopted and I’ve now met my real mum and she sed after she had me adopted she spent the next 14 years wondering what would have been. good luck!!! xxx

Answer #6

do NOT abort it…that is horrible just tell your mom she may be mad but she will still love you and the baby!!!

Answer #7

There’s always adoption.

You are way too young for a baby. You have your whole life ahead of you. If you don’t believe in abortion, I would do an adoption.

But thats just my opinion… Thankfully I didn’t get pregnant until I was 22.

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Answer #9

okay , heres my advce ,: take ONE MORE prego test , if its positive then go aheadd tell yer mom get it over with , then once you have the baby find adopting parents , no this does NOT mean , put itin an orphanage , I mean like pick the parents out yourself , ones that are gooddd. then once its born , hand it over to them , trust me sweety I know how you feel , I am 22 and got pregnant at 16 , and had to do the same thing . I thought my mom would BEAT ME , but its okay. once I told her the plan she was still a little mad but she understoodd. good luck sweety (:

Answer #10

I say have a serious think about wether you want to keep it or not, even if you are against abortions, consider it as an option at the moment. eventhough you think your mum would be mad,tell her, she would probably be mad or disappointed at first but then see that you needed her help, I meen what kind of person knows what to do in this situaition better than a mum? hope you find the right thing to do. andy

Answer #11

um sorry honey but you decided to have the sex and you know what the results could lead to…abortions are a no!! you knew what could happen, I am sorry it did but you made the decision to go ahead and have sex so you should have this child, if you cant support it give it to a family that wants a child but cant recieve!

Answer #12

You have to choose one way or the other. Either tell your mom and then have the kid, or abort the kid and don’t tell your mom. You’re stopping yourself, but I can’t be slamming my views down other people’s throats.

Answer #13

dont abort, it could creep you for life… talk to the dad. will he help out and be supportive? I dont know your mom, but maybe break it to her easy. she’ll probably understand, and u’ll feel heaps better

Answer #14

OK now I fell really bad for you if you have a school councler talk to him/her have your mom come in then tell her with the councler and tallk to her about it that is the best thing you can do

Answer #15

well its guna get hard for you da only thing I can tell you is to pray and hope you dont get an abortion im pregnant and I still havnt told my mom and dad so its hard but soon or later your going to have to tell your parents

Answer #16

It’s been a few months, so I’m not sure what you have decided to do. I know it’s scary, and you are firmly pro-life.

If it helps you feel any better, I was pro-life and am now pro choice. I was married, and at an appropriate age to have children, and after an accident we decided the best decision would be to abort.

The reason for our decision is that we didn’t want kids and felt there would just be too much pressure for us to keep the baby and nobody would understand if we gave the child up.

In fact in the past few years my mother had asked if we had an accident that we wouldn’t have an abortion. I shielded her from the truth and lied and told her no we would put the child up for adoption and she was furious that I would chose the route. I don’t get it, she wouldn’t want us to abort, and adoption seemed about as bad to her. But she didn’t have any issues with us raising a child we didn’t want and couldn’t really afford to raise?

I’m not doubting my choice or decision at all. I’m actually very happy in life. I’m now 33 instead of 19 and if another accident were to happen I would definately want to keep a child. But I haven’t looked back on my decision. I still feel it’s the right thing.

I’m not going to ask which way you decided to go, but I do hope that you are making the decisions about your child because they are your decisions. Not because you feel pressure from your mom.

She will still love you no matter what you do, even if she says otherwise now. And just remember, your decisions when it comes to the really big decisions in life need to be your own. If you decided to abort after all, just remember as long as it was for the right decision for you, it’s the right choice. If you’ve decided to keep or put the child up for adoption, you need to tell your mom.

The sooner the better since you are probably a few months along now. :) Let her know what happened as an adult in a professional conversation. Sit down with her at the kitchen/dining room table and let her know what you have done, what has happened, and your decision in what you want to do with the child. Even if you still aren’t sure what to do, be sure to let her know and all the reasons both ways why you might not be sure. If she sees that you have made an adult decision about your baby, she will know you made an adult decision about your sexual decision as well. And if you aren’t sure if you want to keep the child or not she can help you and support you along the way. If you try to hide the fact now, it will only make matters worse when it’s obvious you are showing and/or deliverying. :)

Hope this helps.

Answer #17

ok honestly… abortions should not be an option. you may think your mom will kill you but you are your mothers child. she loves you, she wont be happy with you and it may take her some time to accept it but she will warm up to the idea. Take one more home pregnancy test, if your big enough to have sex your big enough to deal with the consequences. Its a big deal and big decision bt if you dont have the family support then look into setting up a direct adopting family! just sit down and talk to your mom about it. things will be ok… difficult but you can make it through..

Answer #18

well im kind of in the same problem but my mom knows its just thee rest of my family. im 16 I mean if your ready for something like this dont have a abortion.sooner or later your mom will be excited on wondering what it will be.

Answer #19

I feel sorry for you because your temptation drew you to have sex hurriedly and you were concerned more about the pleasure in sex other than the consequences and I really like it because my girlfriend never lets me do her without a condom. Anyway try this, jump jump and jump on and on and try to get da developing fetus right out of your vagina before it gets big and really gets stuck inside. There is a possibility that it might just slip out (hopefully) as your hole might be quite big now…and don’t forget to wear a condom next time or tell your boyfriend to take his penis out and cum on your face other than inside you to avoid getting pregnant again…

Answer #20

first off wtf is wrong with you people im 15 I’ve had my son its a big deal but realy its not that bad heor she will love you to death an thank you later years that you didnt kill him/her everyone should have the chance to live an giveing your baby away to people you dont even no think of what they could do to it rap or kill it I bet you could do a better job your self tell your mom an yes shes going to freak but will soon get over it an plus your be a emancipated minor it rocks trust me

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