ok I used to love to go out and party, but not no more.:(

Alrght I used like to go out and party and stuff like that. But now all I want to do is stay home, and sleep. Even when my friends want me to go out I just say nah I dont feel like it or make up an excuses not to go. So does any one know why im feeling like this? just give me some advice.

Answer #1

You are going through a depression. The parting lifestyle takes a BIG tow on a persons mind and body.Your brain chemistry and serotonin levels get out of wack when you do heavy drinking,weed smoking,meth,X,ect., ect. Drinking,weed,pain pills for example are downers and when done on a regular basis,Your brain doesn’t know how to respond, all it knows is,”I feel mighty LOW”. That which can make you feel like closing off the world,so that you can lay around a feel worthless. Meth, X,,’Coke’, are uppers and will make you feel like you need to be doing something, moving around,But once the drug starts to wear off, you are now what is called “CRASHING”. You just want to sleep and mope around the house, You feel angry,sad,regretful, And when you think it can’t get any worse you find youself out of the blue crying about nothing. The object to keep yourself from feeling like no one could possible understand what your feeling,But you would be surprised! You can go out and party without drinking a lot or using drugs. Just remember this,..Your mind,body,& soul speaks to you. Your body is a temple and it will start to cumble if not handled with care. So give yourself some time And go to the doctor so you can be but on some medication to help you through this depressed mood you are in. And yes stress of work,home,break-ups,ect. does add to your LOW feelings. Keep your head UP stay clean and you will soon see how good you are feeling, AND,.. find things to keep your mind busy..a job,hobby,spend MORE time with the family,ect. Positive things.

Answer #2

I actually think there’s nothing wrong. I think that your inner side might just be asking for some more private time. It might need some rest from all the partying you must’ve been doing. I dont think theres much to worry about, maybe if there were any problems in your life like the people above mention then there should be some worrying to do. Hope this helps.

Answer #3

I’m the same wayyy, but personally its because I have depression, and instead of medicating all the time, I sleep and withdraw from social situations

Answer #4


that sounds horrible. you could have depression, or… heaps of things.

did something happen? like a break up, or someone dying, or anything really… or did you just stop feeling like you wanted to go out and party?

luv rach xoxox

Answer #5

I’m like that too - I used to love going out drinking. Eventually though you realize its the exact same thing every weekend and you just get bored of it. You just want something new and exciting.

Answer #6

rach could b rite.. are there any problems at your house? maybe school pressure? maybe your not eating well..and doesnt give you much energy or postive vibes..

Answer #7

I think you’re mind and body just got fed up with the party lifestyle. Back in school I used to be one of the guys who did all the stupid shite and brought the alcohol to the partys etc. Then things got more serious with my girlfriend and I ended up settling down a lot after graduation. Much more to life then just partying and when you get a job doing manual labor like I do from 6am till 7pm every day you are too tired to party. Makes it worse that I suffer from insomnia lol.

Answer #8

Could be depression. I went through that, big time.

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