Do you think I should be offended when people call me "tiny"?

I hear more comments about my size and weight than anything through out my day especially at work. “oh she weighs like 50 lbs” or “ her leg is the size of my arm”. i mean i know there joking but it still gets old and kinda hurts my feels.

Answer #1

No, maybe you are tiny.

Answer #2

it all depends, because even tho they are joking, it’s still hurting your feelings and many people either get depressed, or they just laugh with them, and i noe from experience how it feels, but i was chubby rather than ‘’Tiny’’…. But wat im tryin to say is that if it’s everyday then either go to your boss and tell them or ask them nicely to please quit..

Answer #3

i mean i no i am. i’m 21 5’2 100 lbs. genetics my mom is 40 had 3 kids and weighs 110 at the most. but i guess my point is do people go around calling people that are overweight fat. no its rude right, that and if they are don’t you think there hard enough on themselves. i kinda feel like that when ppl say it

Answer #4

right, well it doesn’t help i’m the smallest one at work. and my boss says it too. it was funny the first few times but now its just kinda like get over it. I mean its not like i try to be skinny or my fault i’m short.

Answer #5

I’ve been called fat before, no big deal. I mean it used to hurt sometimes but then when people stand up for me lik e”No, she’s thick” or something it makes me feel alot better. Like some people are going to think different than others. It’s life. No one’s the “perfect size” because there really isn’t one right? There’s people with nice bodies, but not perfect.

Answer #6

you can alwas ignore it if you do not like it :-)

Answer #7

no you cant help your size

Answer #8

ppl are always gonna say something hurtful.. i been called a amazon women because i am 5’11.. if ur tiny ..tall..fat.skinny i grantee u their will be “talks” u gotta learn to ignore grl otherwise these things will eat u up..i used to be called anorexic and MAN did that bother me, they used to say in 8th grade i would through up on purpose when really i was suffering from eating disorders. U know what i grew out of it and now its the least of my worries. my cousin is 4’8 and she used to be so dramatic and emotional because of her height when she graduated 8th grade she didn’t even want to go to high school afraid of what ppl might say to shes studying in college despite “talks” everywhere she goes..”hey their mini snooki” i am telling u ppl are always judgmental..opinionated….IGNORE is the key word..keep ur head held high..

Answer #9

right thats why i don’t understand the need for comments for anyone’s size. we look at ourselves in the mirror everyday we are fully aware of what we look like. i honestly think its cuz yes i’m small but mostly cuz i work at arby’s and i don’t eat there food. I refuse to eat something i have made 100’s of differnt times lol

Answer #10

thank you. why make someone feel down on themselves about something they can’t change.

Answer #11

i mean i’m happy with being small i don’t have to duck much and i can squeeze in to hard to reach places hahah. i ignore them and get annoyed at the same time like why do you keep telling a fact i’m fully aware of!!! lol

Answer #12

i know exactcly how you feel im small to and i get made fun of every day because im not the same size as the rest if ny fmily

Answer #13

no matter what anyone says the small people need to defend themselves and fight back

Answer #14

Hey, yea I am 22, 5’1 and weighs 115. and I get offended all the time when people call me short, I know what you mean. I always like wearing heels cause I don’t wanna to be refeered to as a kid plus I don’t even look 22… soo. But Then my mom told me I can have short or tall guys. and since talking to some guys I have found that guys like short girls. I mean were easier to pick up lol and I would rather be short then a giant lol. I have gotten use to it

Answer #15

Plus I am the shorest of my friends and my brothers and sisters, seems like where ever I go. But you can’t let that get you down. You have to be confident about who you are and thats what makes you sexy

Answer #16

i hate being made fun of but after a while your like im not going to put up with this anymore and you can just ignore it

Answer #17

trust me i noe how u all feel, wen i was a little kid, evryone in my family was their average weight but me, i was over wieght….and everyday kids would call me tubby, tub tub, chubby, fattso, and after awhile it got hard to ignore and i went to the princapal but she didn’t do anything. So i switched skwls….So maybe you should go out and start signing up for other jobs u lyk and if u get one of them then just quit ur Arby’s job…And lyk u i’ve refused to ever touch arby’s food, idk y , it think it’s NASTY

Answer #18

I get called skinny and once they pick on me about it, just say “thats enough, blondy or four eyes!” No…im j/k! Why should anyone be offended for anything at all? Either it’s true or not. Or maybe that person doesn’t even know what they’re talking about! Moral of the story: being offended is an emotion, and don’t let your emotions get to ya!

Answer #19

everybody is a critic

Answer #20

Not at all. Be proud of your tiny-ness and work it!

Answer #21

no take itas a complement as they are probably to big to do certain things !! x

Answer #22

i have blonde hair and wear glasses hahahaaha it only really offensive because it makes you feel like hey i need to gain weight or be feel i you need to to be taller, i mean i can’t make myself grow, and i refuse to eat unhealthy to gain weight. so i guess your right. its not like i freak out or anything i laugh it off one of my nice and akward laughs that i hope make them feel uncomfortable haah

Answer #23

how do i explain it its not all them comments just enough to crawl under my skin. also my mom recently started calling me runt, and my boyfriends is about the only person that makes me feel good about and say he loves how small i am because its easier to wrap his arms around me lol. and as for arby food it just generally smells bad in the store and i hate going home and having to smell in on my clothes

Answer #24

thanks =)

Answer #25

Its just genetics. anyone insulting your genetic makeup it obviously uneducated. It’s predetermined.

Answer #26

you cant help ur genetics

Answer #27

well, u can help ur children, if genetic modification finally becomes legal

Answer #28

also it has to do with how you brought up like with eaten habits and stuff. add a high metabolism with good eating habits and you golden lol but yea like considering my parents are small it was never likely for me to be big.

Answer #29

that is totally true

Answer #30

well if my boyfriend and i of almost 4 years decide to have childern his family have average and tall heighted ppl. maybe they’ll get lucky haha

Answer #31

your welcome, anytime!

Answer #32

u never know it could happen but what matters is u love who u r and u dont want to change a thing

Answer #33

well truthfully i think u’d get fired if u’d do wat i would and wat i would do wouldn’t be pretty….But basicly if they call u tiny, and from ur profile pic u dn’t seem tiny..But anyways wen they call u tiny call them something back, like if there overweight callin fat, jelly rolls, or anything u can think of, that would go along with it lol

Answer #34

Just ignore em :)

Answer #35

Just ignore em :)

Answer #36

Dn’t care abwt what pipl sei

Answer #37

who likes my profile pix??????

Answer #38

right cuz i’m not really but for a 20 year old i am apparently, because everyone around here is at bigger. i am the size of a 14 15 year old. and its like if i could gain weight damn it would be easier to find pants that fit haha you know how hard it is to find a size 0 jr around here

Answer #39

Consider it a compliment, they notice you.

If you want to have fun with it, get a shirt that says: “I’m not short, I’m fun size”

Short, small, skinny, etc. = cute, adorable, etc.

Answer #40

thats funny that you say that, cuz i defiantly take advantage of it and use the cute little girl persona to get away with stuff and i use it on rude consumers at work so they feel bad

Answer #41

No. Vertically challanged people are like, really cool :)

Answer #42

haha thanks, me i’m 5’2 don’t you think i’d look really weird being 130 lbs haha

Answer #43

I think it is a compliment to your physique or shape so no it’s alright.

Answer #44

No I’m glad wen ppl call me tiny. :)

Answer #45

i just get annoyed when they crack jokes about it as if i can help it

Answer #46

just accept it. theyre prolly semi concerned. when i was anorexic, like everyone noticed but didnt say anything. well most people. now i know who my real friends are, the ones who always comment on my “ still recovering” body. they watch out for me, making sure i dont go too overboard with my weight loss and such.

Answer #47

Oh well I don’t really care. :)

Answer #48

yes that is defiantly something to be concerned about, but anyone who saw me eat would say where does she put it i seriously eat like a starving homeless man like its my last meal haha. prob the reason i get a tummy ache after i’m done eating haha

Answer #49

I dont think you should be, small and petite is really charming. :) My youth leader is like that I think its cute

Answer #50

Aww that is so cute! I would be proud.

Answer #51

Nothing wrong with being fun size and portable :)

Answer #52

When it’s your mom or your boss - someone you have an important relationship with - it might be worth telling them you’d rather they stop making jokes about it because it makes you uncomfortable. They may not know, and just assume it’s “all in good fun.”

Answer #53

who cares what other people say. just ignore them

Answer #54

y? u r what u r n people saying it wont change anything so y would it matter?

Answer #55

so are you saying its completely ok with calling a fat person fat and its not ok for that person to be hurt? just because i’m small doesn’t mean i don’t have feeling and they can’t be hurt when ppl make crude comments

Answer #56

God no its a good thing trust me lol

Answer #57

so why do ppl take a good thing and make me feel bad about it? i think a compliment is fine “ oh your petite” but to hear things like “oh she never eats” is absurd its like man have you seen my punk ass eat didn’t think so lol

Answer #58

lol as they say.. Your just FUN SIZE

Answer #59

yeahhh, i’m around 5’2 & i get called small d: don’t be offendedd,

Answer #60

naw! you shouldnt be offended by that they are just calling out your charecteristics nothin bad in dat…..

Answer #61

lol, how tiny are you? k… my friends tease me because my face is soft

Answer #62

5’2 98 lbs at 20 y/0

Answer #63

haha :) no my boyfriend and some of my friends call me tiny all of the time don’t worry about it dear (:

Answer #64

I’m only 5 ft and my best friends one is a guy and one is a girl and they are only 5 in taller and they tease me, it doesn’t bother me people tease us short people cuz they wish they were as short as us JK

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