Where does nutrition fall for a study for college?

I'm thinking of going back to school to study nutrition, but I'm not sure what area that would fall under.

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It depends on what type of nutrition you would like to be dealing with. There are several different majors that i know of that deal with nutrition. Food sciences, Dietician, Nutrition, Medical nutrician, Medical dietician, etc.

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Could you give some details on those please? I have health conditions that require me to watch what I eat which has actually been good cause now I have to eat better/healthier. Others in my family also have medical conditions where they have to watch what they eat. I want to help people learn how to eat healthier.

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At my university you can do a science degree majoring in Human Nutrition (which includes food science, biochemistry and some physiology) and you can do post-graduate study in dietics.

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Thanks Danielle! Can I ask were you're going to school? Yeah, tried grad school last year...didn't go so well. Thanks again though.

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Im studying at the university of otago in dunedin, new zealand. Postgrad Anatomy though, not nutrition!

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Ah, yeah I kinda can't do that. I live in America. Still though, thanks.

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