Nude in front of family members

I am a 20 years old Boy. I live with my Mom,Dad and two elder sisters. I love to stay nude in front of my family members,
Should I consult them all before I start doinf it ?

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Definitely ask them first. If I had a son who was still living at home by age 20 and I came home to see him naked on my couch he would be on the street in about two seconds, still naked. Move out and do what you want, but I can already guess your family doesn't want to see you undressed, for any reason.

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cant you just wear clothes? is it that hard?

nude if front of family members

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As a teen boy, I was completely modest. My parents never even saw me in just my underwear at that time. Later, when I lived with my parents after graduating from college, I wasn't nearly as concerned about it. The big barrier was my mom. At first, I covered myself in front, but after a while, I became comfortable with letting it all hang out (I was in great shape then). My mom was rather shocked seeing me nude for the first time in about 15 years, but I was completely comfortable. After maybe glimpsing me 3 times, though, she insisted that I stop. But, it was just yesterday, after some 20 years (I'm now 46, married, with 7 kids), that she commented for the umpteenth time on some weight gain on my part, so I decided to show her my body so she could see exactly where I've gained weight. Again, she was a little upset, but I was fine with it. When I reminded her afterwards that her eyes didn't burn out, and neither of us died of embarrassment, she seemed fine with it. I'll show her again when I (hopefully) can shed 20 lbs to get back to about 170. But, no, I have no sisters, and I have not seen my mom naked.

nude around family
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dude you dont have to be like nude nude you could just walk around the house with boxers on or something ..because dude most people would wanna see other people nude walking around house mostlikey makes them feel uncomfurtable even though there your family memebers or something they wouldnt like it

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You are old enough to figure it out on your own. I was raised by a Single Mom along with my 3 sisters. At an early age, I started enjoying being seen naked by my Mom or Sisters in the rare accidental situations that happen.
As I got older and with time, my family has gotten used to me. I am 19 years old and my 2 younger sisters are 15 and 11. My older sister is 24. I have only seen my mother and sisters naked a couple of accidental times. I don't think a day goes by when one of them doesn't see me naked and I walk around the house naked all the time. My Aunt and cousin visited last week and the 6 women were all sitting in the living room when I walked in naked and said hello to Them. My Aunt was a little shocked my cousins was histerical and my sisters and Mom just "get used to it"

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Talk to your parents and whoever you live with about it and see how it goes from there.

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To clarify, this is my opinion - just like if a person was outside their home in public, it would indeed be considered 'Indecent Exposure' - I believe a person should have some degree of modesty - therefore to me, indecent regardless of the setting - consistant with my values/beliefs.

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lol I know someone hu does the same my ex the first time he took me to meet hes family he started getting undressed infront of hes family I was freaked out and discussed I dumped him ITS WEIRD SORRY.

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Correction to my 05:37AM entry: - would 'NOT' be allowed in my house !!

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Indecent Exposure - would be allowed in my house !!

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Athaulla, your dilemma is probably more common than most would imagine and there are regular posts on this subject on naturist websites. Most posters are male from early puberty to their twenties, but not exclusively and there are quite a number of females. The majority confine their nude activities to when they are alone in the house or the privacy of their room, but yearn to have the freedom of the house at all times and be accepted nude by the rest of the family.
Young children seem to like running around nude and need to be cajoled (brainwashed?) by their parents to make them wear clothes. It is hardly surprising that many prefer to be nude, as mankind has been around for 200,000 years or more, but only worn clothes for around 70,000 years.
I cannot see anything wrong being nude in the presence of your family, as long as you behave in a non-sexual manner: I think erections are occasionally inevitable and they should just be treated as normal without the need to cover up or hide away.

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I let my children play in the house naked until they were able to dress themselves I never let them play outside even in our yard in the nude.On a hot day I saw a young mother playing with her 3-4yr old son nude in a kiddie pool outside their home to my horror their was a man across the street taking pics on his c-phone I yelled and jumped from my vehicle to chase him but lost him as he ran in between houses.One can only imagine where those pics ended up.Also saw a father at the beach get warned by a lfeguard for changing his young son&daughter on the beach could here the llifeguard yell if someone wanted to take pics of them he could have them on the internet in minutes

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I think limits ought to be set until a child can dress his or herself he should be able to run freely nude.But!!! be very careful outside letting them play nude.One hot summer day a mother let her 2-3 yr old som play in a kiddie pool nude to my horror across the street a man in his 60's was taking pictures I.jumped from my vehicle to chase him but lost him as he ran.One can only imagine were those pics are now

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You could start by going nude between your bedroom and bathroom and gradually extend your “nude territory” by going nude into the kitchen to get a drink and so on. No doubt somebody will mention your nudity and you should simply respond that you are far more comfortable and relaxed without clothes.

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When you say you love to stay nude in front of family members you make it sound like a form of exhibitionism. Do you get the same enjoyment being naked in front of other people? If you are an exhibitionist keep in mind exposing yourself to people who don't want to see you is a form of sexual harassment.

I used to be an art model so I have no modesty at all. I don't get gratification from being naked but it doesn't bother me either. I generally don't disrobe in front of women because it makes most of them uncomfortable. When I was in college I did have a few platonic female friends who were not uncomfortable when I undressed in front of them and one of my female friends was comfortable enough to undress in front of me. When I didn't know how someone would react I'd usually warn them before disrobing. I'd tell them that I needed to change clothes, take a shower, or whatever, and that they could leave if they wanted but if they stayed it didn't bother me if it didn't bother them.

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strange but whatever man, I have been naked infront of my family alot but I didnt want them to see nor me nor did I want them to look away, I simply didnt care

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it is not thet it is hard to weat cloths but for him its like he feels good when he is naked .

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we always went nude as we were growing up. i remember seeing my dad take baths hundreds of times. still to this day i cant give myself a enama, and my mom will as she has since i was a kid. growing up even my cuz and me got naked around each other. thats why i think were a really tight family,, because dont have to hide anything.

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