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If a baby is not that pretty what does that mean and why is he/she is not pretty NOT to be rude I just wanted to know I'm a nice person and I wanted to know this

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usually babies will sometimes grow out of it. there are some people who werent pretty when they were babies but now theyre really stunning

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uhm some babies are ugly, and some dont grow out of it...

it's their genes... people look the way they do (especially when they're babies) mostly due to their genes... it means nothing except you dont happen to find their features attractive?

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it might not e pretty as an infant but it could be gorgeous when it gets olderr
yu never know
and remember dont be so quick to judge

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There is no such thing as a ugly baby, I don't know what your used to but as he/she gets older they will get better! But keep in mind its a baby!

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a baby hasnt fully formed so you cant really say there pretty,
erm but maybe like you know some people like say the mother and dadss features look good on them but since theve been mixed into the genes of this new person it dont quite look right,
if you can understand that

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I agree with ty...

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hahaaha I was wierd when I was young..
theyll grow out of it
if its in their genes lol

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the baby will probably grow out of it.

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