Not my kind of thing but im givin it a go.

Just lettin you all know im typing this right out of my head. I think it might be good to put everything clogging my head in hear and this seems to be a popular way to do it. So yeah dont be too harsh as this is my first time doing anything past grade 8 english class :s

I dont really know how to do this poem thing So im going to wing it and see what it brings What I felt for you then was as real as it gets But you know its not good when from the start they make bets I fought through their comments and stuck in it for you But with what you did back then my heart you just threw I did everything I thought I could possibly do It wasnt enough obviousely to satisfy you I loved you with everything I felt that I could Although for that night I couldnt get “wood” I knwo its not funny what I messed up for you But under the circumstances I didnt knwo what to do Ill apologize for nothing and expect none in return Dont think that im selfish for letting this burn That book that we wrote I still have it somewhere And that giraff that you gave me still has a creepy black stare Dont ask why I said that im just looking for things To add to this poem of bees nests and stings - (toung twister there for ya) It seems rather long but trust me not long enough To cover what I feel deep down in the rough Im not good at this stuff, never have been really But maybe thats because I didnt think as much clearly - ?? I dont really care about what you do now All the prank calls and hacking and looks you endow - (only word I could think of) I dont want you to forget me but I want you to move on I hate that your hurting over what you did wrong Not putting the blame all on to you Because I know I have a lot of it too Im gonna stop writing because this shits dragging on But if I had enough talent ild write until dawn I loved you, I love you and that wont ever change But just because I wrote this , me , I wont rearrange I am who I am and you helped me to be This poem, sort of, thing is to help make you see I thought I was supposed to be cutting this off?! Ok, here I go, aurevoir, and…sign off.

P.s once again this is my first time since english class grade 8 so yeah… Dont be too harsh

Answer #1

May I use this poem and motify it and give you full credit for it?

Answer #2

hmh… im thinking their is a lot of tension between you two, maybe you should just take a break from everything.. argue about hacking facebook is not a good solution to your breakup. I think maybe you both need to move on with your lifes.. no offence.

Answer #3

I actually had nothing to do it, a friend of mine asked for your password and I told them then I went in the shower and came back downstairs and the person showed me everything they did to it, they did a lot more to your fbook then you think and I had to go and delete sht and fix everything, I tried putting your orginal dp back but it wouldnt work so, I had 1% to do with it. I wrote ONE poem about you, and it was 2 days after you broke up with me on FACEBOOK. I found it in my binder so I decided to post it for feedback. clearly I have moved on if I am seeing someone else? why are you assuming so much crap that isnt even remotely true. did I even mention once me wanting you to ‘know my life’ you ARE out of my life, I dont talk to you at school or have any contact with you except on here, so CLEARLY your thinking wrong. the misunderstanding part was about me not moving on and the hack. think sht over before you say it. that little story thing was written like, a week after the breakup. just because I posted it now doesnt mean I want you back. I dont. but w.e keep the book, why would I want to go to your house to get it, a) theres no time for me to, b) do I really want to door shut in my face ? yeah no.

Answer #4

first off your the only one who knew my password so whoever DID hack my facebook you had something to do with it. second if uve moved on stop writing poems about how you wait for the day for me to come back and whatever. third if you want the book you can come get it im not bringing it to school and you sed you didnt want it anyway when I got back from dominican you sed you didnt want it so I kept it. nothign I wroted was a misunderstanding it was what I felt and from what I knew I dont want to understand whats going on in your life I just want you to leave me out of it

Answer #5

juuust to let you know, I didnt ‘hack’ whatever you think I hacked, I know who did but it was certainly not me. and that prankcall wasnt my idea but at the time we were high as hell so clearly we werent thinking. and you did ‘satisfy’ me, so wtf? and yeah.. I did move on I just dont let the whole school know if I have or not like someone does(: I do have like I cm of hurt left in me but sh*t happens and people try and forget which I have so, pretty much everything you wrote is a misunderstanding. btw I want the book back, I told you when we were dating I wanted to keep it in the end no matter what.

Answer #6

how could anyone be harsh. its super sweet and long and thoughtful. and honest and funny. you put a lot in that poem maybe even more then you thought and it works. =] good for you. =]

Answer #7

thats actually really cute and a little funny:) good job:)

Answer #8

sure I guess? lol

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