Not a Life - IDWT song

Here’s my first song for my new album In Death We Trust

They look at me as a killer only striking at night and not at day So many bull sht stories told about me and even some so fuking fake You all know what I am but you still say fake sh*t to get me out of the darkness Still taunting me to come out-you will regret sending out those signals I’m not the killer to be dealing - silence will soon be with you FOR ETERNITY!

Keepyourhandsonyourfacecauseifyoutakethemoff I’ll be in front of you (2x)

More and more bodies stacking up each day you go outside Signs to tell you to fu*k off or your gonna be next Screw off or you’ll regret trying to make me come out and take your life Try to bring me out the dark bring darkness to your eyes And bring death to your life and families lives

Keepyourhandsonyourfacecauseifyoutakethemoff I’ll be in front of you (2x)

You expect not the worse but you don’t know what you have gotten into Shut the fu*k up and listen make this clear Screw with me I’ll take something from you and even make your life disappear You asked for it now you’ll get it that deadliest way

You expect me to spare your life after you have fuked with ME! (4x) Nobody knows what to expect when it comes to all of you to DIE! Cause me pain and expect no physical harm You got it all twisted and not expect to DIE-DIE-DIE-you fuker!

Maybe the next kid will learn not to screw with a psychotic killer Life lesson…this is not a life you want to be fu*king with!

what did you think of my song? song written by maggot4

Answer #1

OH FK!!! THis is fking awesome!! I LIKE IT a lot!!! So what’s the background music like? Hardcore?? lol.. Oh man! Awesome stuff!

Answer #2


Very intense, I love it.

Great job, you maggot :P

Answer #3

Really awesome

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