What to do when your nose is running like crazy and your nose is irritated?

I don't wanna irritate it anymore but my nose won't stop running it's coming down like water would out of a faucet. What do I do? Do I let it slide down or do I get something to stop the irritation?

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Avoid being out door if it is cold outside, drink something warm like soup or I am used to drink hot lime tea. try to sleep. Do not press too hard after blowing it... Get well soon! :)

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Blow it more and more, like a bit hard so it gets it all out, keep klenex near you, or in your poclet at all time, and make sure to get the soft ones so it does not irritate it so much.

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What you want to do is get rid of as much... "stuff" that you have up there as possible. And to do that, you have to keep blowing your nose. First, put some Vaseline on the spot that is irritated & then use softer tissues when you blow your nose. There are some that have aloe in them and shouldn't irritate your nose. Also I suggest taking a nice hot shower & you'll instantly feel better. The steam will help loosen everything up.

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Don't try to catch it, let it run away.

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Saline nasal spray. Works everytime. Use it in the morning and evening. It will help for the infection that you have (sounds like a sinus infection). Also stay out of the cold.

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