What are the pros and cons of the north american union?

Has anyone heard of this new "nation" Pres. Bush signed us up for? Pretty interesting that this is something that I not heard of until a friend referred me to youtube. I cant believe something like this could be allowed, without vote of the people. Pretty much The USA, Mexico and Canada will be combined. It has already been signed, IN 2005!! AND ALL THEY HAVE TO SAY IS IT'S ON THE WHITE HOUSE WEBSITE!! WHO NEW THE WHITE HOUSE HAD A WEBSITE!!! And that is besides the point...

Condeleezza didnt even know!!

So basically, the pros and cons of this?
This will change the constitution, laws, our border.
Our country will be larger, but what else could possibly be good of this??

Pros, cons anyone?

link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=T74VA3xU0EA

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old news. . . Kinda like Japan Bombing the US
oh read this.
Besides look at the government systems and how they Would have to change. Canada would lose it's free health care Having a country with 2 major languages could fuel civil war and Canada would also have to stop being a common wealth. So stop worrying about us becoming one big happy nation of mad people you may want to study on the european union to see exactly what a multination union is. but it would be neat to have states called Yukon and Northwest territory.

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There are no pros only cons. Abolishing the constitution leaves room for the new constitution to have more laws against the people, and the whole time they will be saying its to help the starving economy.I predict a crash of our market shortly before the union is formed.

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yea this can only be bad..

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