Is it normal for steam/smoke to come out the side of my dryer?

i put my dads clothes in the dryer so i could wash mine and there is smoke or steam coming out the side….im not completely sure witch on but i think its steam. but anyways i got scared and turned it off because the laundry room is in the basement and my dads room is downstairs next to the basement and i don’t want him to catch on fire lol but is it OK to turn it back on?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t turn it on untill finding out for sure if it was smoke or steam…

Answer #2

No not at all

Answer #3

Um, if I were you, I wouldnt risk exploding the house >.< So yea, you should probably just find out what’s wrong, and either hang dry your clothes for a while, or go to a laundromat :P

Answer #4

If you smell burning, then its smoke. More than likely it’s steam. Tell your dad that the “dryer vent” is leaking. Also (this is very important) check the dryers lint trap. It may be inside the dryer, on the back wall or under where the door is when its closed. It may also be on the top of the dryer, it will look like a recessed, 7-8 inch rectangle, and will pull out. clean the lint trap with each use. A clogged lint trap can cause lint to build up in the machinery of the dryer, causing fires.

Answer #5

no its not, better go get it fixed

Answer #6

It may just be your vent is damaged or plugged. When hot air can’t get outside it will leak out and without normal air movement parts can overheat and start burning. If your vent is simple you may be able to disassemble and clean it yourself otherwise it isn’t expensive to hire out. We have to get our dryer vent cleaned every few years.

Answer #7

thanx, the first thing i did was actually check the lint trappe and i was like i couldhave sworn i emptited it and when i checked it was empty

Answer #8

Do the basics that were already posted but if the problem is still there it’s safer to call in a repair person and not use the thing till it’s fixed.

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