Normal preg tummy feeling part 2)

Its more like a butterfly feelinqq. Like lots of butterflies in my stomach going to my backkk too!!! Is this normal ? Almost 5 weeks preggg

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Like I said on your other question - your body is experiencing many changes, so yes, it's normal.

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Aww you're so cute

Sorry I don't know ,
I've never been pregnant

But I just want to say congratulations !

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well I was going to say it's the baby moving but your not far along enough yet. probably just gas bubbles. It's normal. You can feel the baby around 18 weeks but everyone is different. But it is defiantly not the baby moving. It could also be the uterus stretching to make room for the baby, muscle spasms it's completely normal.

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Ima liar?
Uhmm my doctors calculate due dates from the first day of your last period =] See how much you noeee. haha

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& NO thats not my pictureee my sister made dis for me on her laptop and accidently her pikture of her stomach but she had her baby already. That would be like impossibleee to be me at 5 weeks LOL! I dont know how to delete or anythingg. Ugh

Normal Stomach Feeling

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