How do I meet Nick Jonas?

how do I meet nick jonas is there a way to get backstages passes or vip passes to a concert or something it would be a dream come true if I got to meet him hes the most amazing person alive I love him I would do anything to meet him does anyone know??? please tell meee!?

Answer #1

you guys dont love nick jonas. you’re in love with his FAME. admit it. you just want to date him so you can share his fame and money, and be photographed in people magazine and all those others as NICKS NEW GIRL. thats pathetic. he needs someone who actually loves him for him, not his fame. he deserves that.

Answer #2

if you can give me 100 bucks, then I’ll tell you I work 4 him no lie.

Answer #3

You guys could go to his myspace, call the number and ask him for backstage passes. It might work,because I read this one story where this girl met the jonas brothers and told them she couldn’t afford to go, so they hooked her up with tickets and backstage passes! That’s how sweet they are! But be nice when you ask them! It’s not right to be mean to them when asking for this kind of cool stuff! Reply if it works! I’m going to try to! Hehe!

Answer #4


You are person number 48738785937 to ask this :)

Good luck!

Answer #5

OMG they are just kids!! There no different then any one else!! honestly just breath!! there is really no reason to freak out over them. They can sing and play the guitar big woop! they are just like you and I! No different!

Answer #6

well He’s pretty agy so id say newhere where gays hang out. good luck with that.

Answer #7

moviestar08, did it work if it did please e-mail me the number

Answer #8

Nick is want to of my one of my very close friends. Think about I have his number and I call him all the time, I mean he is so hot. This is one on my dreams.HaHaHa. I want to go to the concert but I live in Puerto Rico and them come the last year. I´m waiting Nick,Joe and Kevin to come again and meet them. P.S. When I will meet them first I going to scream, then I want to a picture with Nick and I alone, then I want to hug he an kiss him. I want to his cell phone number.He is so hothothothothothothothothothothothothothothot!HOT!

Answer #9

omj hes AMAZING!!! Theyre the best boys ever to live! haha

Answer #10

OMJ I LOVE HIM!!! Hahahahaa if you find out please tell me!!!

Answer #11

Getting backstage passes to concerts is a lot easier than people think. I am really surprised that more people are not doing it. I have been attending concerts since I was fifteen and have gotten backstage to more than thirty-five concerts in the last 10 years.

I have met most of my favorite performers and have a collection of memories that will last me a lifetime. I have tons of pictures, music, t shirts and autographs that I obtained throughout the years. My main suggestion is getting your foot in the door. There is actually a book that I saw at the library that had quite a bit on info about the subject. The book has a website address where you can order it.

I have read a few books on the subject but this one was the most complete and did not have lame info that I have seen in other books. This book uses some of the exact same methods that I use. Once you get your foot in the door, you can easily get backstage. People think that you have to “trick” people into letting you backstage but that is not likely. I have learned that once you know someone on the inside, you are set for life. I now know someone at every venue in my city.

So my advice is to take it step by step and read some books on the subject. It is well worth your time and effort. While you are backstage, behave yourself and stay out of people’s way and don’t argue with anyone or you will get a one way ticket from where you came from and will never be invited back. I have seen this happen a few times. So go for it, there is nothing more exciting than getting close to these bigger than life stars.

Answer #12

I really want to meet them…I would just say enter any and all competitions to go to special parties for any celebs or award ceramonies…you never who will be there.

I hope it works out and if it does please tell me (fun mail me).



Answer #13

OMG IM SOOO MAD that number I told yall about was just a recording. ohhh im sooo mad

Answer #14

wow you stupid idiot. did you get that number from their myspace? yeah you really thought they would just post their number their so a million people would be calling them nonstop? yeah sounds like a good idea… and you really think they would just make plans with some random girl they don’t know in their bust schedule? yeah..really smart

Answer #15

ummm, well, first go ask your parents about seeing if you could get back stage pass’s for the next consert that is by where you live then explane why you want to go and how much you would like to go to one of their conserts and then I would just keep your hopes up! Hope every thing works out with your truble!

Answer #16

what is so great about there jonas brothers? io mean, really? im not making fun of anyone, I just want to know. the people who are freaking out to meeet him say they are “in love with him”and will “marry him” what if these guys are total A-holes? what if they are Gay? what if what if what if!!!

Answer #17


Answer #18

why do you want to meet MY boyfriend? lol

Answer #19

waaah i really wanna meet them

Answer #20

ummm I love nick to and yeah I would love back stage or vip tickets to but, I prob. won’t get them, what I did was ask my mom and I said mom I haven’t had a birthday party with my friends in like ever and I would love it if I could have like one last party with my friends and then be like umm could I maybe just maybe get back stage tickets for a jonas brothers consert? and could I bring one friend and you? and then you just keep beging and hope for the best!

Answer #21

what? how was it a recording?

Answer #22

I don’t know!!!

Answer #23

I think this is impossible were all trying to meet him our chances are I in a million but I have there phone number im going to try to get together and hang out with them soon

Answer #24

my bff is friends with himmm (:

Answer #25

he came to the movie theatre I worked at :) I saw him twice. if I went to the back room 3 seconds sooner I would have caught him with only one other person ><

nlah I hope he comes back

Answer #26

Ok! I agree with daaannniii. The brothers are just people.. and the screaming and yelling.. probably quite a bit annoying.I mean don’t me wrong I am a huge fun of their music and have been since I met them in the fall of my freshmen year. But still.. they are JUST people.. so cillax!!!

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