How do i meet nick jonas or get tickets?

how do I meet nick jonas or get to talk to him also how do I get tickets?

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You can purchase tickets from places like I know in terms of meeting him, some people hold meet and greets before events where you can go early or stay late and meet the person as they enter or leave the venue.

Sometimes places hold contests for backstage passes and stuff too.

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I love him too! lets see. #1: find a show that is near you. (just search jonas brothers tour dates in google. right now they are finishing up their own tour, but are starting up again in late october going on tour with miley from late oct to early january, playing about 50+ shows.) #2: go to and see when the tix go on sale. (ps, if you join miley's fan club for 30 bucks at, you can get tix early.) #3 buy the tix (easy enough to buy it, just follow the steps.) then, look around the internet 4 backstage passes. if no luck, there will probably be a meet and greet at the show (they do them at most shows, and they consist of hugs, pix, autographs, and maybe some convo in between.) to get into them meet and greet, usually you have to buy a certain amount of JB merch (10, 15, or 20 bucks., depending on the show)


ps...the shows rock! I love em!

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go to california

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I'm a big fan and I have a lot of posters and I practiclly know you. I know whens your birthday,where you where born,what year you were born,and also I know your parents names, I know who you had your first kiss with and I know that miley broke your heart and just let you know if I was her I would never ever break your heart and I hope I can see you and hope fully I can meet you and share stuff with you about my family and peranality. Love your #1 fan ... Leeanndra

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I hate you all. your answers are ridiculous.

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