When does a baby's umbilical cord fall off?

Does anyone know of any good websites for information about my newborn? (I understand a website does not replace my pediatrician and I will not diagnose my childs symptoms by myself) I just want to find a website with some tips and answers to the stupid questions… like when will her umbilical cord fall off and why does she have the hiccups so much… any help would be great thank you!

Answer #1

With my first and only daughter, her ambilicol cord fell off at 5 days old and I was spazzing out. I thought her little onesie got in the way and snagged it off but no it fell off and I was told that it is normal because I drenched that shit with alcohol. Yep I said it, With 70% alcohol!! hoe…

Answer #2

If it takes 1-2 months for a cord to fall off your not taking proper care of it. should only take 2-3 weeks at most. clean it with rubbing alcohol and don’t get it wet while bathing until it has fallen off.

Answer #3

I have been taking proper care of my newborns umbilical cord and hes 4 weeks old and it STILL hasnt falled off, so saying it will fall off in 2-3 unless you dont take proper care of it is not true! I didnt have this problem with my other 2 children, but this little guy just wants to hold onto his cord!!

Answer #4

unbilical cord, it’s within the first 1-2 months.

Why she has hiccups so much, it could be the way you’re burping her. Try to do it gentley, and experiment with different feeding methods & positions to reduce the change of hiccups.

I’ve got two kids myself, 5 & 6, and there are loads of other parents that participate here.

Re: other sites…A former coworker of mine launched one in fact just for mom’s that was bought by Baby Center (a large baby website) run by Johnson & Johnson…however, I hope you’ll forgive my saying that a site run by a company that produces formula & sells baby products might have a serious commercial incentive to get you to hang out there. :)

Feel free to ask you kid questions here, and I’ll try to help, I know other people will too.

Answer #5

Shallowwater6794, You may need to go to another opinion,the way your acting is like everyone is wrong and I get bad vibes from you. If this is your first kid, you need to learn you don’t always go with what 1 doctor or nurse tells you. I almost lost one of my kids due to a certain doctor who said he just had the flu. I trusted doctors back then. Now when I go to a doctor I take their word with a grain of salt. If I’m satisfied with their opinion, I investigate no further, If I believe there is more to it, I will take my kid to another doctor. Your acting as if you sat down with every single nurse and every single doctor in there and done an interview on putting alcohol on an umbilical cord.

Times may have changed with the alcohol, and that would be up to the medical field to decide.If she was told to do the alcohol then her doctor may not be up to date.But then again your doctor may be in the wrong, so don’t try to tell people that (EVERY SINGLE NURSE AND DOCTOR) say not to use alcohol.

Answer #6

Saying that your not taking proper care if it doesnt fall off in 1-2 months is not true. MOST do fall off at that time, but there are some babies that even when alcohol is put on and it is not getting wet will be on for longer. Again, this is not the norm, but it does happen.

Answer #7

actually, I have a newborn and every nurse in the hospital and every doctor said DO NOT TOUCH THE CORD WITH ANYTHING! no alcohol, no washing, nothing. let the air get to it, and that’s it. they said the days of using rubbing alcohol are long over, it made the cord take longer to fall off and could lead to infection because most store bought rubbing alcohol contains 30% alcohol and the rest is water, which should never get in the cord.

Answer #8

my baby turned a week old today and thank goodness it came off today my son took almost 3weeks its so much easer to put a diaper on them after its off

Answer #9

My daughter’s umbilicol cord fall out when she was only 3 days old. It’s my first baby and I was really freaking out. I called the doctor and he told me that’s normal. I was really surprise it heald that quick.

Answer #10

Hi Hun dont be worryin bout de hiccups my daughter’s 4 1/2 months old now and from she came home from de hospital til she was nearly 2mts old she had hiccups several times a day. it will pass and your LO will learn how to deal with dem better. when my daughter had dem it was horrible her whole body would shake vigorosly!! she grew out of dem do. In relation to your LO umbilical cord all babies are different but my daughters took a while to fall off. we were home at least 2wks but once it fell off her bellybutton healed rapid.

Answer #11

no question is a stupid question! hiccups may come from the baby eating too fast! my daughter had the hiccups the last 2 mths of my pregnancy and had them after as well. She still gets them and she is 20 mths old!

Check out: [link removed] this site gives advice and explains baby/child/pregnancy by week, month and year. i have a 7, 4 and 20 mth old and get e-mails for all of them!

Answer #12

www . babycenter . com the link was removed above.

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