Has anyone bottlefed a newborn kitten?

has anyone here bottle fed a kitten of 4 days old. it was at deaths door last night and with the night feeds and warm hot pack its picked up today but I was wondering if they usually have little feeds and often?? I’ve googled this but I just want to know if anyone here has done it and just how little the feeds are. it has a few suckles and seems happy for an hour then it goes again. its just like having a new born baby! I dont mind it though its heaps better I just need some reasurance. I’ve only done this with hatchling birds etc.

Answer #1

Every hour to every two hours seems about right. Kittens need a lot of food to grow and they grow very fast. If its hungry I suggest feeding it since the kitten knows what its body needs better then we do. I’ve never bottle fed one before but I have heard of other people doing it.

Answer #2

I know the general stuff but thanks anyway. really need to talk to someone who has done it. its soo little its feeding more than it normally would but im feeding it as it likes or it wont feed at all. xx thanks

Answer #3

yeh I have been doing the wet tissue rubbing on the areas. hehehe. my mates are joking that they think im breast feeding it. why does everyone give me there little runts they cant be bothered looking after lol. do I have sucker writen on my head or what!

Answer #4

u can actually get a vitamin for infants that you can put into their milk called pentavite. you only put a tiny bit into the milk but until its old enough for shots that will have to do.

Answer #5

I have never fed a kitten but I have puppies and I feed them every two hours on the clock and never missed a feeding. Not when they are this little. I would contact your Vet and check on their instructions.

Do you know to use a warm some what rough cloth like a wash cloth to wipe it’s bottom area to make it pee and poop. This is like the mother’s cleaning it? If it gets the runs you have a problem, the kitten is not adjusting to the formula. Check with your Vet if the kitten gets the runs. You could lose it if it does. Keopectate just a drop of the puppies, I am not sure for a kitten, it would be just a touch of it??

Also use a heating pad on low to keep it on or a light very close to it. Must be kept warm, which you already know.

Answer #6

when my cat was akitten he mother got ran over so ihad my kitten at 5 days old he wa bottle fed it sounds a lot but iuse to go back like 20 minutes to half an hour even if she had very little it was a massive to me and for a cat that has been bottle fed she is very healthy and big keep it up just bottle feed and cause the kitty is so young it will not move much and will lie their make sure you keep it warm I use to put my kitten in her bed next to my bed and she use to wake like a propper baby like evry hour or so in the night and make sure you wind the kitten to make sure it has no trapped wind as this can course them not to drink much then oviously takes longer for the weight gain keep it up.

Answer #7

so did she have little feeds at first until she got used to the milk??

Answer #8

Just thought I would let you know he didnt make it. he fed really well all yesterday and last night and then this morning was crying for his morning feed and when I got him out he had a heart attach and died. sooo sad. he had put on weight and all.

Answer #9

yeh we have talked to a veterinarian but I didnt take him in yet. I have the bottles and teats and newborn kitty milk that you make up but I wanted to see if anyone has done it before so they could tell me there experience with the feeds. its such a little cutie ill try to post some pics. xx

Answer #10

hey well I found a cat that was giving birth in a house and well the next they her and some her kittens were gone except one and I keep her she was so samll and fradgile. I feed her everytime she was hunger sually when she would start nipping ans meowing uhm oh yeah also make sure the kitten gets her first shots because since she is not feeding from her moms milk which helps there immune system fight of some viruses till they are grown to take shots so I would say go to the vet and get her shots but besides that just feed her when shes hungry.

also when your feeding make sure the kittens head and neck is up while she.he is feeding if you need any more help let me know!! :)

good luck!! :) :)

Answer #11

Yes, they do have little feeds at first, and if they stop drinking and do not whine they are fine. But please do remember to rub their penis/vagina and anus vigorously (although not hurting them) after they are done. This stimulates urine and bowel movements and is something the Mama Cat would do. WIthout the stimulation, they could get bowels backed up and actually die.

Oh, and 2 hours is appropriate. Day and night.

And don’t give her shots until 6 weeks :) Not sure what that person meant up above me.

Answer #12

saint is right. they eat every 2 to 3 hours. if you don’t handle it a lot and feed it regularly it will live and that’s always good!! good luck!… and if it doesn’t sleep well at night : put a clock by it, not digital so it can hear the ticking, it reminds them of their mothers heart beat. I know that’s weird but I works.

Answer #13

I have I used canned kitten milk. If they dont do nuber 2 add a lil kyro syrup to the milk sometimes it gets backed up. Then if that doesnt work…its gross but the vet told me to but vasseleene on a q-tip and slowly enter it into there rear. It comes out quickly so have paper towls handy. Also you can introduce it to canned meat baby foods after 5 weeks

Answer #14

Sweet, Big Hearted Sucker.

Answer #15

Call a Vet, Ask their honest opinion. Make sure you look for something that sounds good because a lot of them will say “Bring the Kitten in” But the good Vets will help you for free over the phone.

Answer #16

well I just know that when your giving it milk or something, don’t hold it like a real baby. the kitten should be sitting.

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