Can i obtain a cna license with a felony on my record?

I have a felony for possession of drugs after being set up by narcotic agents because I, a user at that time, would not snitch on drug dealers. this was my first and last felony. It happened in 2001 and for 7 years I have not used drugs or been in any trouble. Matter of factly I have turned my life completely around. That happened in georgia and I am back living in ny. What I would like to know is can I obtain a cna license with this on my record? thank you for your help.

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can I work in the medical field with a misdemeanor charge no felony - live in the state of oklahoma

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yes I work as a cna. YOu can apply though dept of public heath in the state you live in and get a waiver to work. Don't be discoraged at all I have a pretty good job.

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I've been working as a Cna for over 15 years and was just recently let go at a job I've been at since 2002 because of "some policy" about my felony from 1999. I'm not happy!! and am looking for answers because I need the work...

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no sorry you cant't get in any part of the medical field with a felony on your record

this is coming from somebody taking CNA classes right now

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I am trying to get the real answer to this too. I am in jersey and am running into problems even finishing my schooling with my drug charges. I had contacted the board of nursing and was told I would just have to explain my situation. also I have heard of a rehabilitaion offenders act. don't know if you have gone to rehab that could help.. best of luck... I need it too.

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In certain states you can work in the medical field with a felony. I happen to have one and I work as a CNA. You have to apply for a waiver with the department of health. If they approve it you may work in the health field. I live in IL, so I contacted the IL Dept of Health. Best of Luck to you.

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What's a CNA license?

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I would surely like the anwser to this question because I had my certification as a CNA and a few years later. I ended up getting a felon on my record. I have been looking for a job it seems like forever. They have been hiring at the nursing home for like 6 months and I would really like to get in there.

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