Do Macbooks have any problems?

My Dell Inspirion broke… So im looking for a new computer. I really want a macbook and they are good quality computers.

Does anyone know a reason not to get a macbook? Like any problems with them…

Answer #1

Well, i’m not surprised your Dell Inspiron broke. It is a Dell after all.

Prior to the start of this year, I had very little to do with Apple Computers and certainly wasn’t overly familiar with OS X. However I have become a total convert. I’m typing this on a Macbook as we speak - I have had no trouble with it whatsoever (its the 2nd updae version, the first with the Core2Duo processor). Most trouble I have seen with Macbooks mostly relates to the original CoreDuo processor Macbook, a colleague with a Macbook the same model as mine’s battery died and had to be replaced (apple replaced it free of charge), but apart from that there have been no other issues with the roughly 8 Macbooks I look after at work (cannot say the same for any of the PC based laptops).

Macbooks are very robust (i.e. don’t break easy), the screen is vibrant and it runs like a dream. Certainly for someone only brought up on Windows, OS X can be a bit of a hurdle to try and understand, but once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why on earth Windows isn’t like that (and i’ve just installed OS X Leopard on my machine - very very nice!). Or, if you’re turned off my the OS X side of things, you can actually run just Windows on it. Compared with other similar spec computers, the Macbook is actually quite price competitive - despite what some think, its not majorly more expensive than a laptop with the same power.

Personally, I think you can’t go wrong with a Macbook (certainly better than a Dell!), though rumor has it there will be an updated model of Macbook some time this month, so if you’re going to buy, might pay to hold off a few weeks.

Answer #2

OS X Leopard - its a bit like Windows Vista in that its the new Apple Operating System (like before there was Windows XP, now there’s Windows Vista - for Apples, before there was OS X Tiger (10.4), now there’s OS X Leopard (10.5)), but it pretty much looks the same as the previous version, but has a number of really good improvements. And there isn’t a noticeable slowdown with Leopard compared with Tiger - in fact a number of things are much faster. I really like it, and it comes as standard on the new Macbook model which just came out yesterday or the day before (looks the same, but is faster & has a bigger hard drive). Now though, you just have to make choice - white Macbook, or Black Macbook?

PS: Don’t get the cheapest white Macbook, unless you order a Superdrive with it - otherwise you can’t write DVD’s.

Answer #3

Up to you if you want to write DVD’s - you may not have any need to, but its handy to have the capability there if you ever did need it in the future. On all Macbooks you can watch or play DVD’s, and you can create your own CD’s on them, but if you want to create your own DVD’s or make copies of DVD’s you have, you need to have a Macbook with a Superdrive. I’d strongly suggest the Superdrive - you’ll be able to do all sorts of wonderful things.

Answer #4

Yeah i am familiar with the mac computers so the change wont be too bad. And the bad thing with Dells are costumer service sucks!

I am probably going to wait and see if a newer model does come out.

But, i do have a question…What is the OX Leopard? Is this like Windows vista or something?

Answer #5

Speaking of Macbooks and updates - Apple have just released the new updated version of the Macbook, so you don’t have to wait if you want one!

Answer #6

I would definately recomend them. My mom got me one for my 16th birthday and they are amazing. I’ m on it right now =D

Answer #7

I have a macbook, we get them for school. Honestly, they are great. I’ve had mine since about march and the corner has begun to slightly come off, just a chip of the plastic. But that is expected, wear and tear, using it basiclly all day everyday.

I say you should get one, it takes a while to get used to Macs from windows, but in the end its worth it.

good luck!

Answer #8

Do I want to write DVD’s? Does this mean watch?

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