Need an excuse to return it

ok this might be long but please read it + help me...
I needed a black skirt for a fancy dress party and on the day of the party I went shopping for one, I looked everywhere and I could only find one in topshop which was £16, so I bought it and wore it to the party. But this morning I went on the topshop website and it says the skirt it £14, so I payed more than I could of, and the skirt it not something im ever likely to wear again, I think its a complete waste of money now that I have got it but I pulled the tags out and wore it. I now would like to return it but I dont know what to say, like what excuse to use? I was thinking maybe something like, get my mum to take it back and say 'I bought this for my daughter for a party and she pulled the tag out before trying it on and when she tried it on she realised it didnt fit her' is that alright or can anyone think of something better?
thanks x

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ok guys, stop the abuse :L
calm it seriously, im so terribly sorry that im completely destroying this business or what ever else you think? telling me to grow up? LOL, seriously, I ASKED FOR ADVICE/HELP/EXCUSES - if you have neither then your comments are really pointless, you can tell me as much as you like that I bought it so I own it, I dont care, I'd like to return it, I wore it for about 3 hours, its not dirty, its not creased, I have the tags, I have the recipt, I talked to my mum and she said she'd try, shes done it before. so what evz :)

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just grow up about it
you bought it, you wore it, its yours
no shop would make money if kids like you bought something, wore it once,found it was a measly 2 pounds cheaper and returned it
as ichibanarky said, if you print it out they might give you the extra 2 pounds because they want to keep there customers happy
but usually they wont because theres no point complaining over it
im sure you dont make a fuss out of everything in your room youve only used once and hate now
just deal with it and learn from it
meaning next time you see an item of clothing, THINK before you buy, if your not going to uyse it more than once, theres no point in getting it
and another thing
and using "sweetheart" as an attempt to insault ichnibanarky and make you feel better about yourself is pretty pathetic
she is a very helpful person, because theres nothing at all positive about wanting to return something YOU bought because you saw it 2 pounds cheaper somewere else
most people will just say, you bought it, you own it
grow up and deal with it
if you owned a shop would you like kids returnbing your things because it was 2 pounds cheaper somewere else. then attempting to liw and say "no I didnt wear it and the tags fell off" ect

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Nope...can't be done.

You wore it, you own it - simple as that. They won't take it back without the tags.

The only thing you can do is take a printout of the website price and go back - they may give you a rebate for the extra £2.

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If you still HAVE the tags, you should be able to return it.

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thats what youve got, advice
weather you like it or not, its still advice

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why not just sell it to a friend for how ever much

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I'm honest and I tell it like it're just going to have to deal with that.

Furthermore, don't come here and tell people to "shut up". Everyone has the right to answer your question as they see fit, whether you agree with the answer or not.

And I still don't condone the fact that you're basically trying to swindle a business because you made a bad purchase.

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Take it back and try the excuse you originally suggested. You have nothing to loose. The worst they can do is say no. I've done this before, if they don't give you a refund they may give you a credit which you can use to buy something else. And if they say no, well then at least you tried. I've worn things and taken them back with no problem.

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They're going to be able to tell that it was worn. The fabric will be wrinkled and possibly dirty...the tags being taken off are a prime reason for not taking it back - they do that to protect themselves.

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I'd say be honest - if you're questioning yourself about this you're really questioning "do I put money ahead of personal integrety or do I put personal integrety ahead of money?" I think you shoul be honest, keep your integrety. You'll earn that money again, but you won;t easily repair yourself. Good luck!

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well the material is a type that doesnt crease, its not dirty at all and im going to try anyway. I asked for help and excuses, you gave neither, goodbye.

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I know of several small clothing stores in my area where the girls who work there take an outfit from the rack and wear it for a full day while working (to advertise the outfits I'd imagine) and then at the end of the day they are put back on the rack for customers to buy. I knew a girl that worked at one of these stores which is how I know. And as for other stores where this may not happen - many different customers can end up trying on the same garment which would probably equal a full's day's wear. It's like in shoe stores how the display shoe is always a bit bigger because people have been trying it on so much. I don't think that by wearing it once and not damaging it in any way (as she's told us) that this skirt is any different from evrything else that has been tried on so many times.

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You bought something, used it, and now you want to return it...sorry, but there's no excuse for the kind of deception you're trying to invoke upon this business.

It's people like you who make things difficult for everyone's people like you who forced companies to refuse returns without tags and receipt in tact.

So, thank you, for making everyone else's life just a little more inconvenient.

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If I were you, I would simply say you bought it without tags on it because it was the only one in your size and that the employee had to go find another pair with tags on it that was a different size.
Happens all the time, for instance, TODAY the person in front of me bought a small (tagless) and used a large (tagged) to buy it.
Good luck!
Large Corporations like clothing stores make ridiculous amounts of money.
A $100 jacket costs roughly $5 to produce and get shipped to the store.
I'd say screw them return it.

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well I still have the tags, just not on.
and thank you to the two comments above, the rest of you, kindly shut up, your really not helping.

'ichibanarky' why even bother commenting on this question? your probably the most unhelpful person I have ever come across, all you've had to say is negativity, try being a little possitive sweet heart, grumpy isnt attractive you just make youself look up yourself ;)

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just go to the store with the tags, the store wants the tags. if your mom is willing to help, she could say that she bought it for your birthday, so she took the tags off so you wouldnt know the cost of it. she thought it would fit but it just didnt!

bring the tags and the recipt when you go to talk to the lady or man or who ever! just keep it relistic and make sure its beliable, and make sure you have the tags, recipt, ect. to back you up if you need it!

good luck!!

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yeah but what if I tell them I didnt wear it?

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