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So my fish died a while back (RIP), but I got two new ones on Christmas Eve. I cleaned the tank out and put the two new ones in, but…one of them died three days later, and the other one died Jan. 4. (Thus, my tank has been empty of fish for 11 days, but I’ve kept it running - the filter system is still going.) (It’s a small tank, only 5 gallons.) So then today I glance over at it and THERE’S SOMETHING IN IT! AND THERE SHOULDN’T BE! so I looked closer, and I think it looks like a snail. It has two little antennae and it looks like it has some sort of sucker mouth that it sticks to the wall. It also looks like it has some sort of opalescent shell on its back, and it looks like it’s filled with a big air bubble. Normally, the “snail” hangs around on the wall, but every now and then he’ll go back up to the surface and it looks like the bubble is bigger after he goes up.

So my questions are these: Does anybody have any idea on what it could be? and (the one that’s really bothering me) HOW DID IT GET THERE?? The tank’s been empty for 11 days, then all of a sudden there’s somthing in it…it’s just kinda weird.

Answer #1

take it out and make sure when you put new fish in there keep them in there bag and let the bag sit on the water for 24 hours so they dont go into shock when you put them in there

Answer #2

It sounds like a snail that got imported with your fish or if you added any live plants, it could have come with them.

As to your fish dieing, maybe you weren’t feeding them often enough. Bottom feeders are no problem because all fish food goes to the bottom so they usually get enough to eat. But, column feeders which eat food in the water column or at the surface may require feeding more frequently because the fish food may not stay in the water column long enough for them to get their fill and they aren’t likely to feed off the bottom.

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Answer #3 is just a snail…

Answer #4

The fish food that I feed is the flake stuff; it’s paper thin. Could the egg really have come in on that?

And if it had come in on one of the fish, wouldn’t it be a little bigger by now? I mean, it’s really small, and I got the fish about 21 days ago…

Answer #5

It sounds like a snail to me…and I’m sure he’s not responsible for your fish dying…I used to keep snails in al my tanks, because they eat the junk that dirties up the sides…


Answer #6

it sounds normal its probably just a snail who likes to eat the algea/bacteria/microscopic things on the tank walls and obviously snails need air to breath so its bringing the air bubble to it can breath and eat at the same time then once its air supply runs out, itll go back up other insects and bugs can do this aswell ones that usually breath water can bring an air bubble with them so they can go down to the water and eat things there even some spiders can do it

Answer #7

You don’t need to “float” their bag for 24 hours. 20 Minutes is sufficient. It is meant to equalize the water temperature in the bag with the water temperature in the aquarium.

But, while floating their bag, put a tablespoon or two of the aquarium water into the bag every few minutes. This lets the fish become accustom to any ingredients in the aquarium water.

DON’T just dump them, with the bag water, into your aquarium. Use a net to transfer them from the bag to the aquarium. You never know what kinds of diseases their bag water may have, so you don’t want to take a chance with your aquarium becoming contaminated.

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Answer #8

You can get a bottle of stuff at your aquarium/fish store that will kill all snails yet not harm your fish. An alternative is to simply add one or two fish to your aquarium that enjoy dining on snails! I don’t remember the breed but your aquarium store should be able to tell you.

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #9

sounds like one of your fish may have had a hitchhiker, a snail egg obviously got through somehow, or it may be possible that it was in the fish food. can’t really explain it, but sometimes critters can be hatched from eggs that are dried out. it is possible that the fish you bought were housed with snails in the aquarium at the pet shop, this would be easy to check- go back and see if that is the case- then an egg gets attached to your fish- either externally or internally and there is your ‘mystery critter’.

there are these critters that are related to horseshoe crabs- their eggs can survive being dried out for a very long time, they sell them at science shops and pet stores. so the same theory may work for snails.

Answer #10

You definately got a hitchiker when you bought your fish!!! A really good friend of mine got rid of her one snail… month later many,many tiny snails. month or so later, no snails!!! Then the cycle repeats. She never knows from one day to the next if the snails will be there. They hatch from eggs that are left on the live plants or that are in your substrate. The only way to get rid of them is by cleaning your tank from the inside out. wash with peroxide or baking soda mixed with water. Let set out in sun for several days. Get rid of plants and substrate. GOOD LUCK !!!

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