My will to live is gone

Its just gone…

I realized I couldnt tell if I was in love or not..

And I realized I didnt want to live anymore…

Theres nothing in me anymore… I dont want to go on..

And it hurts… Really bad… I started even thinking about how things would be without me. I even almost wrote my suicide note saying I was sorry…

Please. How can I make it stop hurting.

I mean.. I feel partly responsible for giving my gramma cancer…

I wont want to live when shes gone…

How can I want to live?

Answer #1

There are people that are worse off. If you believe in God, pray for him to help you, hold fast to him & hope that helps. If not, find something to live for. I’ve felt the same way before, it’s not easy to get throgh, but you will. Death is not the answer. I admit, 1 of the main reasons I got through it was my pride. I didn’t want to loose the game of life or give up on it. It only shows your weak & unable to handle what life throws at you, & that’s not true. You’ll make it some how. Life’s a roller coaster, so sit back, relax, & enjoy the ride.

Answer #2

I am the #1 person 2 say that but a while ago I met someone and they made think diffrent about life this is what he made me think you just need to know things will get better you have a lot 2 live 4 he let me know there’s a bright side to everything & you nee 2 know the same

Answer #3

I honestly think you just want attention because people who openly admit there depressed arnt actually depressed. life aint as bad as it seems and people have worse problems than u and are still happy.

Answer #4

If you truly believe that you lost the will to live thts your right

but just take into account there may be pepole that still love u

Answer #5

Everyone dies, and most elderly people who don’t die of heart disease die of cancer. It isn’t your fault, it’s nature’s fault.

In time, you’ll come to accept your grandmother’s fate. You’ll always miss her, but you’ll learn to live with it.

Painful experiences are necessary for your growth into a mature person. You will eventually emerge stronger as a result of this, something that would probably please your gramma.

Answer #6

Hi, I am new to this site, and I signed up just get this reply out asap. Obviously easier said than done, but you cannot blame yourself because your Grandma has cancer. Life is difficult at times, but in the end, everything seems to work itself out. Your family loves you, and by taking your life you will trouble you family for the rest of their life. You do not want to do that, do you? Anyway, life moves on and there and new opportunities will arise for you!

Answer #7

I caused her so much stress…

but my mum says if its anyones fault, its my uncles, because she had to see him unconcious in a hospital hooked up to machines and tubes down his throat, and a coma from 3 months…

I feel like its my fault tho…

I cant go on when shes gone… ill feel like I killed her..

but I just have no will to live right now

Answer #8

Finding the will to live involves finding the purpose to your life. Having a purpose opens a whole new set of doors.

Answer #9

how were you partly responsible for gran getting cancer?

Answer #10

see, its people like “Freshmrcurly” make me not want to talk about it to anybody.

because last year in school, I felt really sad, I told my counselor, and I said I didnt want my mum to know, because shed thinki was looking for attention… and my counselor said she understood, and she set me up with someone to talk to about my problems and would help me. and I left.

then I went home, and told my mum so I can be the good daughter. and she yelled at me and said I was just looking for attention.

I ask my questions here, because people seem to understand. they dont know me, so they cant really judge. they give advice.

but its people like him, that make me want to close up and not talk to anybody. because people think im looking for attention

Answer #11

No one causes cancer… But keep this in mind…overly dramatic episodes are not needed now. Spend time with your grandmother, talk with her, tell her you love her… and change the way you treat others…causing your grandmother stress was not needed. It didn’t cause her cancer but at the same time, it isn’t nice to cause so much stress in one you love… No matter how sad it is, people die. and they EXPECT you to go on a live YOUR life… HONOR your grandmother by honoring her life…Treat others with respect, be thoughtful towards people, kind towards strangers, non-judgmental, loving… get an education and live a happy life… That is the way to honor your grandmother… And I bet she would say the same…

Answer #12

you seem to have got into a downward spiral…and the thing about spirals, is the flow gets quicker as you go down…

you need to open up to your nan, I’m sure she’ll tell you it’s not your fault, as sure as I am, that you won’t believe her…

1 in 3 people in the UK get cancer of some sort, my mum had non-hodgkins lymphoma, theres not a lot you can do hun…just be supportive.

let her last months or years, of you, be happy memories for her to take with her, let her go with love and kindness…

try forcing yourself to be happy, give it ago, don’t worry about your phobias, just smile loads…and pick up your tone, improve your posture. let the energy flow from your solar plexus (read up on it!)

when I used to feel crap, I was about 17, I got into a bit of a self pity- sorry for myself - hypochondria rut, but was going out with a guy who I foolishly cared too much for (he was a w4nker!) and I started to ‘pretend’ to be happy, and you know what, after a while, I stopped pretending…I just was happy,

now I bounce off walls, smile a lot and force myself to be happier. after half houri just do it automatically, lifes much easier and more fun when you make yourself smile…

find someting that makes you smile - you tube it etc…just smile…honestly… and you have many people who care about you, my friend killed himself when I was 17, and it might sound romantic, but it’s not, and I think about him often. more over, I think how his poor mum felt, it’s not right to have to bury your own child…

on a cheery note; ignore last paragraph and smile!

Answer #13

there is no possible way that anyone is responsible for the cancer. cancer is a disease that comes from the body, it has nothing to do with stress, at all, it is in the cells of the body. the first thing to do would definitly be to tell someone, whether it be a family member or a doctor how your feeling. doctors are really good with these things, they help you to see how things really are before you make any huge decitions, I’ve been threw it, I wanted to die I felt nothing, I didnt want to go on any more, but I spoke to my doctor and he helped me see how things really were and put me on this medication for depression, now I am so happy, and the good thing about doctors is theyre confidential, theyre not alowed to tell anyone, if you dont think you can do it in person you can also call 18005551800 this is a confidential service as well. speak to someone about it to make sure its the right thing to do because hunny there is ALWAYS a better solution in these situations. dont let your family go threw losing you and your nan. dont think its your fault because its impossible. and whatever you do TELL SOMEBODY if you cant speek to anybody, heres my email. you can talk to me anytime. I care. im here if you need me.

Answer #14

even thinking of leaving my family and boyfriend behind doesnt make me not want to do it.

and I love them… and they dont make me want to live..

Answer #15

nothing is worth dying for! And you did not cause your Grandmother’s cancer, cancer is a health thing either passed down from relatives or something! Don’t blame yourself. And you have a lot to live for a job, a family, a husband, the fun in life! It might not seem good right now but there is a lot to come. You might think things will be better off without you and you can’t live if your grandmother passes, but just think how your parents would feel if you were gone they would feel the same way as you and you wouldnt want that. Just try to have fun get your mind off the negative, join a sport, hang out with friends, take a vacation, something to calm you.

Good Luck. And remember nothing is worth killing yourself over!

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