My vagina is very itchy and it hurts a lot

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GO SEE A DOC! if you are underage and are too afraid to tell your parents, dont let that stop you from getting the care you need! check with your county health department. some states have privacy laws in place that prohibit the clinics from contacting anyone about your health screanings. they may be able to see you for little or no money too. you can even call anonymously and ask about your situation also asking what their policies are about your privacy, or if you have to have an adult sign you into the clinic. BOTTOM LINE...your health is the most important thing! if you do have an infection and dont have it treated, it can become so severe that it turns into P.I.D...and that can end up causing you pain or even infertility for the rest of your life...SEE A DOC!

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That or I have learned if you get wet easy; its good to like clean out your vagina
cause Cum does make it itchy dwn there.


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yep, you really do need to go to a doctor
it definantly shouldnt be hurting
the longer you put it off, the worse it will get
get to a doctor asap!

A lot a lot a lot a lot of pain.
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You need to book an appointment with your doctor, it sounds like some sort of infection. Get to the doctor before it gets worse, so you can have it treated.

What are these pimples that hurt down there?

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You may have an infection
Tell you mother or go to the womans health clinic

hurtg and tird a lot and it's been almost a month

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