Why won't my Sim go to work?

Everytime its time to go to work I click the car then ‘drive to work’ usually my sim will go to work but latly my sim has been canceling out the ‘drive to work icon’ now she wont go at all anymore!! but her aspiration is low, do you think thats it?

Answer #1

it’s probably because your sim is angry , make their happiness go to green , and also try turning off “ free will “ if it hasn’t been turned off and it’ll listen to you

Answer #2

Unless your Sim looks suicidal, this is a game glitch and not mood-oriented. You need to reset this character as follows: (1) Go to the Neighborhood

(2) Hold down Ctl-Shift-C and type the following in the window that appears at the top of the screen: “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” – then press Enter. (Make sure you spell it right with only two spaces, no “s.) Though you won’t see any visible effect, this opens the Creator Console used by the programmers to test and modify various game attributes.)

(3) Now re-open the lot that’s having the problem, activate the Sim who won’t leave, then hold down Ctl-Shift and left-click on the Sim. From the menu that appears, choose “Force Error,” then “Delete.” The problem Sim will disappear, but not to worry.

(4) Save and exit to the Neighborhood

(5) Reopen the lot again and you will see that the Sim has reappeared and is standing by the mailbox. Now s/he will go to work without a hitch.

Answer #3

just go to options and put freewill all the way to the other end

Answer #4

OK, I have all the sims games and this is how…your sim is depressed. how to fix it:

  1. do whateva she/he needs, if they need the toilet but not badly, still go because that’s why, or if they need some more energy, put them straight to bed, as soon as my sim comes home from work, I put them to the toilet then bed because sometimes they need the toilet during the night and need to get up.
  2. just make them happy, I know that room and fun are hard to get up sumtimes so read bookz again and again and look at loads of pictures (buy them) just do whatever they need hope I helped :)
Answer #5

If your SIM is not going to work, it’s very possible that’s its due to her low aspiration level. The aspiration level determines the mood your SIM is in. Right now if its low she’s depressed and doesn’t feel like doing anything, but trying to have some fun. Good Luck.

Answer #6

mine wont go either wont code do you use for them to go to work?? I try to force error or something but sometimes my sims never COME HOME!!!…D:

Answer #7

Yes- If they are depressed or what not, they will not go to work!

Answer #8

The code is boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true. . . It is uded to debug the game, and not to be used by players. I use it anyway though

Answer #9

Correction to above answer: In # (3) just hold down Shift, not Ctl-Shift

Answer #10

I don’t have that problem anymore because I use codes! Lol. But it helps a lot. Are you on the computer or playstation? Mines on computer. I love the Sims it’s my favorite game. Just fill up her/his motives and fufill their aspiration.

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