My principle abused me!!!

Couple days ago I had a fite with this girl and I was beating da livn shyt outta her and when my principle came to stop me he choked me and hit me against the wall and my hand was brused it still shows and when I screamed at him telling you have no rite to touch me that way he picked up his hand to slap me but than he hesitated than walled away, and than he came back and told me when your parents come I’m tellin them bout what you did last year ( he caught me wit my boyfriend in the car but we were only talking) and any girl that he sees me hanging out with and he thinks that she is a b* he gives me a dirty look, and he black males me by saying if you don’t stop I’ll tell your parents bout what you did last year and I’m scared if they know they will kill me . I need help on what to do wit him how to act it’s getting annoying he has an eye on me it’s getting freaky!!

Answer #1

GEEMANEECRICKETS!!! so much anger at such a young age!!!

Answer #2

Well, it wasn’t right for you to beat up this girl but it wasn’t for your principal to abuse you the way he did. If your principal continues to blackmail you and all that, then talk to a teacher you trust and eventually, you’re going to have to tell your parents. If you were angry with this person you beat up, I would’ve been confronting her instead of beating her up. If you’re having a hard time dealing with this situation, please get help. I’ll be praying for you and again if the principal continues to abuse you or blackmail you, talk to a teacher or the adminastration.

Answer #3


I don’t know if his crazy or you are…

YOur both wrong…YOu don’t beat the S*hit out of someone…NOT at school though!

And he can’t hit you like that…he was supposed to pull you girls apart…not hit you ARE YOU CRAZY!!…the fact that you can’t tell your parents about it just makes things worse…

YOu know what just keep your head low but if he pushes the limit talk to another teacher you can trust who will take it to the school board.

Answer #4

you were wrong to beat the living shit out of her but it was also wrongf or your principal to do what he did I would tell a teacher you trust and get something done about him and if you werent doing anything in the car with you boufriend then you shouldnt be afraid fo him to tell your parents.

Answer #5

Well, if I were your principle I probably would’ve done the same. You seem like a true pain in the… Beating someone up is still a violent act, even if you don’t manage to kill them, which I doubt you could ever do.

My advice?

  • Change your attitude and behavior. Because I suspect the reason he tried to choke you was a self defense act, because most likely you might kill him first by giving him a heart attack!
Answer #6

If you were ‘beating da livn shyt outta her ‘, the Principal had every right and a duty to restrain you immediately. If you are that violent, you should truly look into getting help. And if you fear your parents - (‘I’m scared if they know they will kill me’) - this may be a source of your rage. I am hoping that you will seek help, perhaps through the school guidance counsellor, before you destroy your life.

My gut says you will ignore this, but maybe, just maybe you will at least think about it. Do you really want to continue feeling this way? Good Luck!!

Answer #7

man I’m scared I wasn’t rely kilen da girl but I just beat her up she did not bleed at all it’s just I was the one in control

Answer #8

“I was beating da livn shyt outta her”

…with a kid just being killed in a school when others were beating the living shit out of him I would applaud your principle for intervening. Maybe the slap was unnecessary, but if you weren’t stopping - I’d choke you too.

Take a step back and think about your actions… how is it right for you to assault someone in the first place?

xox Sika

Answer #9

no offense but I’d be watching you closely too because of how violent you’ve seemingly been.

If you truly feel that he’s blackmailing you and being unjust, talk to someone higher in the district and if you get no where then take him to court.

xox Sika

Answer #10

I would tell one of the teachers you trust at school, and maybe they can help you out! I will pray till then, because he is a weird principle, and doesn’t sound like he is doing his job correct.

Answer #11

it’s not just that he never does that to any body he black males me

Answer #12

yeh, I’ll pray too. that should fix everything. wow.

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