My new nokia

The memory card is not showing I took it out and now it isnt reading on my phone.. I have put it in right and everything some serious advice would be nice xx

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5800 ... I have gone over everthing what to do and it still aint working I've turned my phone off going to see if that works ...

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Well I have a nokia.
And I was getting the same thing Depends if you have the top on right and tight.
Then it will read
which one is your phone,what number?

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ide be happy to try and help. what type of phone do you have?
some times you have to put the card in, turn off the phone for 30 or so seconds and then turn it back on.
it usually registers the card.
or if you have a newer phone like me you might have to go around and look at how to format your memory card for your phone

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Perhaps, you haven't put your memory card properly in your phone. So, kindly do this properly. Although, if memory card is not showing than purchase new one memory card for your phone.

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