How can I get my sensei to stop being so stubborn and irritable?

I have been doing karate for like 4 and a half years. And I have the best Sensei (teacher) ever. But he has changed he is always raising his voice.Instead of helping me he has these checky answers. And lately I have thought a lot aboat what to do. Caus I cant quit but what els can I do. he is so stubern. We have lost so many students this last while who just could not handel it anymore. I know he has someproblems and that is most propably the reason for this behaviour. but seriously karate always made me happy and now I am always misurable after class and I hate it.

What can I do. I can talk to him but that wont help. he wil only tell me a bunch of stuff and why he is doing the stuff he is doing and thats aboat all that wil happen

Answer #1

…well mabe you could give him a complement, you know throw him of alittle, grumpy epople are just looking to make others as grumpy as them, dont let him win, just stay positive, when you go to karate, just think about how much you love it not about your sensei.

Answer #2

my fellow marshal artist tell him the truth and tell him because his change you will leave you can train and working out on your own and trying no moves for your creativity and skills you can teach your self while you wait for a new teacher

Answer #3

Very likely he sees you as a more advanced student and is trying to kick you a far after a more af vncedevry say. more advanved student. Gool lifke!!

Answer #4

After 4.5 years, you’re probably expected to be able to handle such difficult situations. Natuarally, the weak weed themselves out.

It’s been many years now since I was in karate, but I remember my sensei was always the hardest on the more advanced students.

I imagine he’s trying to get you to spread your own wings and stop being dependent upon him.

I could be wrong in my opinion, but maybe if you try thanking him for his teachings instead of questioning him, he might start to see you in a new light.

Answer #5

hey guys thx for all the advice. I act went to him and asked to talk to him. I told him I was un happy and that I was feeling down when I came to class but tried to be positive but then he just broke me down. And I was sick that day just watched and I could immediately see and difrence. He said he had a very tuff year and that he never got mad at us he was just disappointed. but Things are fine now and its just one big JOL :D

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